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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Feng Shui 2017: Magical Energy Flow

A magical place is attuned with the rhythm and energy of nature and the planets. Recreate this energy flow in your home or work to enhance your luck. The energy flow changes around about 22 August when Jupiter enters sidereal Virgo (Rooster). Don't face the year sign - West.

Form School:
Dates six thousand years back and looks at landscapes and symbolism.

Tibetan Black Hat Sect School:  aligns the Bagua with the front door.

Classical Feng Shui:  incorporates both the Form School and the I-ching.

Southern Hemisphere:
The Bagua is perfect and scientifically correct as it is based on the zodiac belt that surrounds earth.

The most Southern Constellation in the sky is Scorpio / Ophiuchus the snake-wrestler (Snake year sign).  The placements of the Goat (Capricorn); Horse (Sagittarius); and Snake (Scorpio / Ophiuchus), therefore represents Summer / Fire / South.  During this time (15 November to 15 February) the Southern Hemisphere experiences its hottest months of the year. The Scorpio is also the Phoenix rising from the ashes and therefore the Phoenix defines the South.

Moving Clockwise (because Earth rotates from West to East around its own axle towards the sun):
*Snake (Scorpio); Sag (Horse); Cap (Goat) represents: Summer / Fire / South. (Phoenix).
*Monkey (Aquarius); Rooster (Pisces); Dog (Aries) represents: Autumn / Metal / West. (Tiger).
*Boar (Taurus); Rat (Gemini) and Ox (Cancer) representing Winter / Water / North. (Tortoise).
*Tiger (Leo); Rabbit (Virgo); and Dragon (Libra) representing Spring / Wood / East. (Dragon).

The New Moon is always in the same sign as the Sun.
The Full Moon is always in the opposite sign from the Sun.
Your Chinese Sign is the sign that Jupiter lies in when you are born.

But Form School and Logic should also be incorporated:
When Europeans first moved to South Africa, they build their houses the wrong way around. They were used to building their houses to face South, where they received the most sun from. It took some time to figure out that the houses in South Africa should be build the other way around. That is the houses should face North or North-East to receive the most sun, especially in the winter months when the sun shines low. In the summer when the sun shines high, the rooms remain cool.

Flying Star School of Thought:  Remains the same across the world because it is based on the movement of the planets (astrology) and on the Perihelion (earth closest to the sun / January) and Aphelion (furthest from the sun / July).

Both logic and astronomy (flying stars / science) should be incorporated. The Flying stars change all the time, but is mostly updated on a yearly basis. This is largely based on the north and south nodes (nodes of fortune) with an approximate 20 year cycle. There are three 20 year cycles which equal an overall cycle of 60 years.

Energy and vibrations to consider:

1. Earth - Form School: land formations.
2. Sun Movement: South Africa receives most sun from the North and North-East. Early morning the Sun shines from the East and late afternoon the sun shines from the West.
3. Yourself - what makes you feel comfortable and happy. How you sit, sleep and move.
4. House - which way it faces and placement of rooms, gates and entrance. The Tortoise is placed at the back of the house regardless of direction and the Red Bird to the front of the house.
5. Purusha Mandala - an invisible man (tortoise) that lies in each house and governs body parts and archetypal areas of our lives.
6. The permanent placement of the Stars:
    -Sun (Zhongii Quan): Center - father, creation, growth, leadership, new beginnings.
    -Moon: North-West - mother, nurturing, imagination: intuition
    -Mars: West - energy, youngsters, warriors, fighting, danger.
    -Mercury (Buddha / Kubera): North-East - communicating, wisdom, wealth, merchant.
    -Jupiter (Guru): South - luck, expanding, growing
    -Venus (Lakshmi / He Hsian Tzu)): North - luck, Love, Luxury. Plays flute.
    -Saturn (Yama/  Tieh Guai Li): South-West - Iron Crutch, angry, beggar, supernatural, death.
    -North Node (Rahu): - East - Growth.
    -South Node (Ketu): South-East - Ganesha (obstacle remover), spiritual.
7. Flying Stars (Astronomy) - the movement of the planets.
8. Numerology: eg 2 in center and 4 in West by entrance - daughter & mother trouble.

May the energies of love, light and luck always be with you!

Om Ma Ni Pay Me Hum (Hail to the Jewel in the Lotus).

To enhance your general luck in 2017 - place images of roosters, 6 pointed stars, mermaids and the sea.

Important to take note: The Grand Duke this year (2017) lies West 270. The opposite side East is also afflicted. Be careful when you travel towards the directions East or West as accidents may occur.

                                                       2017 - Year of the Fire Rooster
image saved from

The energy flow is currently ruled by the white star, Venus (the flowing one).
Number: 1
Lucky colours: Colourful pastels. Especially white, pink and green.
Lucky symbols: 6 pointed star, Rudraksha beads, horse.
Best Direction: South East.
Day: Friday.
Rules Taurus and Libra

-is ruled by Lakshmi, bringer of beauty, art, money, love and luck.
-can bring you a love / marriage partner.
-is friends with Mercury and Saturn.
-is out of harmony with Sun, Moon and Mars.
-is neutral to Jupiter.
-provides luxury items such as vehicles, houses, furniture and good for signing contracts.

Sun visits the South - misfortune star - protect your life, luck, energy.
Use this area to suppress negative energy and for protection from misfortune. The sun is hot and thirsty and needs to be given water, so place black / blue objects to symbolize water.
Sun is - 5, earth, misfortune is pacified with golden yellow, metal, salt-water cure.
Symbolism - seated on a chariot pulled by 7 (days) horses, wheel has 12 (months) spokes.
Magic Colors: golden yellow and copper.
Magic Objects - Sun, metal-objects (coins, wind-chimes), Om-sign, lotus, salt-water-cure.
Place statues and pictures of angels and prayers here.
Ruling Deity - God of Fire (Agni) or Surya.
Magic Mantra - Om Surya Namaha.
Tarot Cards - Sun.

Moon visits the North - Star of Heaven's Luck - Shiva (new) moon.
Use this area to stimulate helpful people, angels and travel.
Moon is - 6, metal, enhanced with crystals.
Symbolism - circle, rides on a deer holding a white lotus.
Magic colors - white, silver, gold, light blue.
Magic objects - Angels, metal objects (eg silver coins, wind-chimes frames); earth objects (crystals); angels; globe with two fish; maps, deer, rabbit, cat, wolf, owl, coins, 8 immortals.
Ruling Deity: Shiva, Hathor.
Magic Mantra: Om Somaya (or Chandraya) Namaha
Tarot Card - High Priestess.

Mars visits the South-West - cruel star (violence, robbery), burning coal, lightning struck tower.
Use this area for protection from all sorts of violence and theft (including good name).
Keep this area quiet.
Mars is - 7, red, metal, is destroyed by fire, salt-water cure, blue elephant, evil eye.
Symbolism - triangle, rides on a ram holding weapons.
Magic Color - Red
Magic Objects - Triangles, Fire, Candles, Ram, Dagger.
Ruling Deity - Subramaniya
Magic Mantra - Om Angarakaya Namaha
Tarot Card - Tower

Mercury visits the Ea$t - star of wealth and wisdom.
Use this area to enhance wealth, wisdom and increase (grow). Put a water-feature and play music.
Mercury is - 8, earth, enhanced with water.
Symbolism - arrow, rides on a lion-elephant, Buddha.
Magic colors - Turquoise and green.
Magic objects - Money-Buddha, Money-Frog, Elephant, Lion, Blessing hand or message.
Ruling Deity - Buddha, Saraswati (goddess of music and learning).
Magic Mantra Om Bum Budhaya Namaha.
Tarot Card - Magician.

Jupiter visits the South-East - star of  prayers and prosperity.
Use this area to enhance good fortune and suppress misfortune.
Jupiter is - 9, fire, pacified and enhanced by its own colors.
Symbolism - square with triangles on each side, rides an elephant holding a conch-shell and a lotus.
Magic Colors - red, violet and yellow.
Magic Objects - holy beads, conch-shell, elephant, candles, lights.
Ruling Deity - Indra, Chief of the Gods, Shiva as teacher (guru) to the gods.
Magic Mantra - Om Brum Brahaspateh Namaha.
Tarot Cards - Wheel of Fortune - opportunity for a lucky change.

Venus visits the Center - star of love, beauty and abundance.
Use this area to manifest magic and miracles in your life; to bring fame and a good name; wealth; property; good education; happiness; longevity; children; love; promotion and career success.
Venus is - 1, water, enhanced with water, oval objects, blue, black and metal.
Symbolism - rides on a white horse with a small pot of gold and a 6-pointed star.
Magic colors - green, white, colorful, pastels clear and prismic.
Magic objects - horse, dragon, Star-of-David (6-pointed), victory-symbols, vision board, round / oval objects, herbs, blessing.
Activate this most auspicious star with a water feature. Sit in this direction or face this direction to tap into its magical energy flow.
Ruling Deity - Lakshmi, Angel of Fire.
Magic Mantra - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha.
Tarot Card - Empress.

Saturn is visiting the North-West - star of time, discipline, order, illness.
Use this area to remove hardships, illness, misfortune, ghosts and loss.
Saturn is - 2, earth, destroyed by wood (plants, green, brown), pacified by metal, salt-water cure.
Symbolism - bow pointing up, rides on a water-buffalo, holds a bow and arrow and a trident.
Magic colors - dark blue and black.
Magic objects - salt-water-cure, water buffalo, bow and arrow, trident, black crow, vulture, iron.
Ruling deity - lord of death (yama).
Magic Mantra - Om Shram Shanayshchraye Namaha.
Tarot Card - World

Rahu (north node of moon) visits the West - mask wearing star / karma / conflict / law suits
Grand Duke lies here. Don't sit in the West or face the West.
Use this area to outsmart and unmask obstacles and enemies (toxic, treacherous, deceptive people), to avoid arguments and legal problems and to attract wealth and foreigners. What we gain from giving.
Rahu is - 3, wood, enhanced by its own colors, destroyed by metallic colors and metal objects.
Symbolism - rides on a tiger or lion, pulled by 8 black horses, casts a shadow, holds weapons.
Magic colors - violet, red, gold, silver.
Magic objects - Lion, tiger, butterfly, bell, salt-water cure.
Ruling deity - Durga can get rid of enemies and helps to let go of warn-out ideas.
Magic Mantra - Om Ram Rahave Namaha.
Tarot Card - Strength.
With fasting until 5 pm every day, this star can bring great wealth.

Ketu (south-node of the moon) visits the North-East - mysteries, fame, windfalls.
Use this area to enhance wealth, prosperity, spirituality and animals. What we give to gain.
Ketu is - 4, purple, wood, wind, enhanced with plants.
Symbolism - is the dragon's tail and is symbolized by a man coming out of a fish holding a flag.
Magic colors - purple, pink, black, multi-colored and stripes.
Ruling Deity - Ganesha, bringer of luck and remover of obstacles.
Magic Mantra - Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha and / or Om Ketve Namaha
Magic Objects - mermaid, sea-horse,  fish, dragon, carp jumping over a dragon, flag, elephant.
Tarot Card - Ace of Pentacles.

                                                  picture saved from Feng Shui at

The above is the general energy flow across the world. Feng Shui is complex and involved. For your personally tailored Feng Shui contact Jade on 083 393 2544.

Let me help you find your golden ratio (1.618) and keep it locked in safely !

Feng Shui Cycles
                                             Jupiter        5 yellow            3 killings
                                          (don't face)       (don't disturb - hang bells)      (not behind you)

Earth Rat                 2008        North                      South                              South     
Earth Ox                  2009        N-NE                     North                                East
Metal Tiger               2010        E-NE                      SW                                 North
Metal Rabbit             2011        East                        East                               West                       
Water Dragon            2012        E-SE                      SE                                 South
Water Snake             2013        S-SE                      Center                            East
Wood Horse              2014        South                      NW                                North
Wood Goat                2015        S-SW                     West                              West
Fire Monkey              2016        W-SW                    NE                                  South

Fire Rooster              2017        West                      South                              East

Earth Dog                 2018         W-NW                  North                                North
Earth Pig                  2019         N-NW                   SW                                  West
Metal Rat                 2020          North                   East                                 South
Metal Ox                  2021          N-NE                   SE                                   East
Water Tiger               2022          E-NE                   Center                              North
Water Rabbit             2023          East                    NW                                  West
Wood Dragon            2024          E-SE                   West                                South
Wood Snake             2025          S-SE                   NE                                    East
Fire Horse                2026          South                   South                                North
Fire Goat                  2027           S-SW                  North                                West
Earth Monkey           2028          W-SW                  SW                                   South
Earth Rooster            2029          West                    East                                 East
Metal Dog                 2030          W-NW                  SE                                    North
Metal Pig                   2031          N-NW                  Center                              West
Water Rat                  2032          North                   NW                                  South
Water Ox                   2033          N-NE                   West                                 East
Wood Tiger                2034          E-NE                    NE                                   North
Wood Rabbit              2035          East                     South                                West
Fire Dragon                2036          E-SE                    North                                South
Fire Snake                  2037         S-SE                    SW                                   East
Earth Horse                2038          South                   East                                  North
Earth Goat                  2039          S-SW                  SE                                    West
Metal Monkey            2040           W-SW                  Center                               South
Metal Rooster             2041           West                   NW                                   East
Water Dog                  2042           W-NW                 West                                 North
Water Pig                    2043           N-NW                 NE                                   West

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