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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Mars Conjunct Saturn near Dschubba (Scorpio)

Saturn and Mars are visiting the celestial mansion of Dschubba (Scorpio). It is known as the Wandering Star (travelling) or Lotus Star. 8 of Wands in the Tarot.

The placement of Saturn and Mars in Scorpio (sidereal) carries a strong warning against over-indulging and driving.  It also cautions against shameless and reckless behaviour. Be careful when travelling in a South-Westerly direction. Visit an astrologer / psychic for guidance during this time.

Saturn is about structure, order, time, discipline, rituals, values, morals, beliefs. Saturn's rings symbolise restrictions, limitations, boundaries and wheels. We need to learn that boundaries don't just confine us, they actually define us. Saturn is Kronos or Father Time and therefore favors older people and those in positions of authority. Saturn teaches us to make the most of the time and space we are allocated. Saturn teach that most things are a process. Saturn makes us placid and down to earth. Saturn rules social order, agriculture and death. It rules the head, bone and the skin which provide us with structure. Saturn rules magic, mystery, occult sciences and Feng Shui - creating structure and order.

Feng Shui uses the Saturn Magical Square as a guide to creating structure and order. If you add any row it adds up to the number 15 which adds up to 6 (1+5) which is the number of time.
60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour.

To appease Saturn one should lead a structured life, look after old people and animals.

Saturn is symbolised by 'The World' card in the Tarot and by Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance. Both of them symbolise the unending cycles, the cosmic rhythm, and the Divine movement and order of the Universe.

Dschubba is ruled by Saturn. This mansion rules travel, friendship, love, but also over-indulgence.In this mansion it can bring about occult interests, and matters regarding marriage. Decisions taken should be carefully considered and actions will be more controlled. Guard against over-indulgence.
Mars is the soldier - aggressive, energetic and assertive. But he can also be disruptive, destructive and violent. Mars is symbolised by the lightning struck tower in the Tarot Cards and in the Bible. Mars can bring about dramatic change, break-ups, breakdowns, disintegration or collapse of structures. Mars can also cause explosions and fires. The Mars destruction is a process of purification. Mars rules self-image and physical appearance - Feng Shui yourself first. Medically Mars rules blood and male sexual organs. Mars is associated with fever, pain, trauma, surgery and accidents. Old structures may be broken down and replaced by new and better ones. You may be forced to let go of old worn out ideas and replace them with new and better ones. 

Unfortunately Mars and Saturn together may bring about destruction especially concerning young men and vehicles (wheels: rings of Saturn). You may experience problems with the wheels of your car. Young men should be careful on the roads during this time, because Mars represent young males. 
Mars is a catalyst for the cycle change that Saturn wants to bring about. A surge of energy to do what needs to be done to change.

Venus, the White Tiger can be unpredictable and unyielding. In Leo (sidereal) be careful of fire.

Galaxy 17: Scorpio' Crown - wandering Lotus Star

Marker Star: Dschubba: 'Wandering Star' 
3°20' to 16°40' Scorpio (sidereal - observable)
29°20' Scorpio - 12°40' Sagittarius (tropical)
 Also known as Anarudha or Radhna (compassion and love), consort of Krishna.
 Also known as the 'Star of Success'
Scorpio's Crown jewels. 

Enhanced Energy: friendship; be in the now; and don't over-indulge.

Numbers: 17 and 8

Ruled by:  Saturn (limitations, time) and Amphictyonis (friendship, wine).

Symbols: Lotus Flower (they grow in any circumstances); Extending a hand of friendship; Row or Furrow.

Dschubba Galaxy combines the energies of Saturn and Venus. The focus is on friendship, kindness and emotions. Build and renew friendships and support systems to increase prosperity. This energy may give us a strong appetite and a desire to spend time with friends. Avoid over-indulging. There is a restless energy in the air. This Mansion reminds us that game playing in friendship and relationships lead to emotional upset and regret. Our actions have a rippling effect and therefore our intentions with others should always be pure. This energy can bring people to us that may emotionally disturb us or who may need mothering, nurturing or counseling. Empathy is good, but boundaries need to be put in place least you get sucked into negative emotions. It is a good time to see a psychologist or psychic who will know and understand suffering. This energy favours psychologists, psychics, artists, writers and singers. To avoid the pain loved ones may inflict on us we need to let go of expectations and live in the now. When we don't expect anything, everything that happens will be a surprise to us and we will accept things as they come or go. If we live in the moment, we don't dwell on hurt in the past (which will attract more of the same) and don't fear the future.  Happiness will automatically ensue.  When the moon visits this mansion it signifies the commencement of great industry. Time to make money again, as money will now be more available in the ebb and flow of the money tides.

Magic: Burn a pink candle for strengthening love and a green candle for improving fortune. Use Cinnamon and Bergamot fragrances to enhance spell work.

1. They may have experienced their childhood as devoid of parental love. They have a deep dissatisfaction with domestic issues and their upbringing. As a result they may live in another country. Born under a 'wandering star' they have a fascination with travelling and far-away places. For example Sir Lancelot of Camelot.
2. They make kind, loyal, generous friends and never forget a kindness. They extend a helping hand to those in need.
3. Extremely emotional souls who get attached to people or a new passion easily. They are spontaneous and express their feelings easily.
4. Emotional highs are always followed by emotional lows in their lives. They give their hearts completely and therefore experience a lot of heart break in life. They are inclined to attract a partner who will disturb them emotionally and who may need to take out their anger on them; who may betray them; who may need to be mothered and nurtured; or who needs to be rehabilitated from drugs or other bad habits  Samson in the Bible continued to love and trust Delilah despite her betrayal until it cost him his life.
5. Determined, focused, disciplined and hard-working, their friendly and goal oriented manner ensures their wealth and success. They are blessed with prosperity and accumulate wealth and possessions in a systematic way.They are focused and disciplined and never miss an opportunity to reap benefits from it. They make good parents, teachers, writers, counselors and artists.
=>Saturn - Dzubas dread being ignored which causes them great inner turbulence. Saturn teaches them to live in the present in order to stabalise their turbulent emotions and to avoid getting hurt. They learn not to have expectations and that living in the past makes one depressed, while living in the future makes one fearful.
=>Lotus - Dzubas can rise and grow from bad circumstances. They never lose hope, even after facing hardship. They keep forging ahead to success. They learn through suffering in life.

Dzubas light side: courageous, honourable, intelligent, eloquent, popular, powerful and wealthy.

Dzubas dark side: overindulgence in food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex. Controlling, possessive, jealous, merciless, over-bearing , impatient, short tempered and violent.

Dzubas influence in your life: look where Dschubba is placed in your birth chart and at the people in your life who have their birthdays between 19 November to 1 December. 
Chinese year sign - Dog.

Famous Dzuba's: 
Don Quixote - famous as the traveling cavalier who rescued people in distress. 
D'artagnon - one of the three musketeers whose motto was 'All for one, and one for all'.
Sir Lancelot - raised by the Mystic Lady of the Lake after his parents died when he was little. He later traveled to Camelot where he became the best friend and right hand of King Arthur. 
Samson: a man so strong he killed a lion with his bare hands, but his love and misplaced trust in Delilah caused his early death. 

Tarot Cards: 6 of wands, 9 of swords, 5 of cups.
Despite trials and tribulations, they bravely forge ahead.

Strength to overcome temptation and Temperance to maintain moderation and balance.
Ascended Masters / Archangels:
Ramiel - Angel of Hope