Intuitive Counselling

Thursday, 10 November 2016

11/11 Portal: Zubenelgenubi Love Portal

This is a love portal with the focus on soul mates, twin flames and marriage.
It is ruled by the expansive planet Jupiter that will cause love to grow and to be creative (eg baby).
This portal or archway is also guided by Warrior Angels of Purpose.

The number eleven seeks to bring into manifestation the same as this powerful gateway (Triumphant Archway of Zubenelgenubi): the yin - yang effect of balance and oneness. The Yin - Yang symbol is the ultimate symbol of love and unity as it symbolizes man and woman. It is also symbolic of Heaven and Earth and therefore a powerful portal through which Angels manifest. The Sun runs through this portal in Libra from 7 to 19 November. Meaningful relationships are sought under this influence. This energy also gives increased sensitivity to psychics and therefore the time is auspicious to consult your psychic. 

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On 11 / 11 / 2016 the Sun (light) marries (conjuncts) Lilith (darkness). The Hero and the Victim are now together and therefore we can set our differences aside and make peace with our enemies as love rules supreme at this time. Good planets are hard to find, so make good use of this love energy!

All doors, gateways and portals fall under the influence of Zubenelgenubi.