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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Ivory E Mobley: Ophiucus

This is a note I received from an admirer of my work:

Thank you, from the depths of my heart.
All of my life I had been troubled because I felt as if I didn't fit in. I believed that, I was special and/or unique but, I constantly encountered envious people for reasons I couldn't explain and this feeling of being-out-of-place or misfit. Its troubled me for over forty (40)+ plus years. 
Then, I came across your work and I read your work and the tears flowed profusely because, in this work of your's I found myself. Namaste`
My Soul recognized its unique makeup through your writing. I'm so grateful to have stumbled upon "The Secret Awakening" and truly your work has inspired my "spiritual development" in inexplicable ways. I was born 12/15/1956. Thank you
I would appreciate the opportunity to comment on the "Blog."
For me, it has truly been life-enhancing and pivotal in my Soul's evolution. 
Will you be providing forecasts, quarterly or annual horoscopes? Please let me know what your fees are for your services. And, if I may ask, please allow me to Subscribe.
Peace & Blessings to you.
Ivory E. Mobley

Ophiuchus Characteristics

Zodiac Sign of those born between:

29 November to 19 December.

Marker Star: Ophiuchus:  Antares 16°40' - 30° Scorpio (sidereal: real time)
                                                           9°57' - 24°11' Sagittarius (tropical: imaginary) 
Symbol: Umbrella (protection) and a hanging earring
Rulers: South Node of the Moon and Nirriti, Goddess of Destruction and Dissolution.
Numbers:  3, 12, 21, 30, 212.
Enhanced Energy: Examining the 'root' cause of problems; gain success by destroying warn-out ways and making satisfying improvements for a more fulfilling future.
Ophiuchus symbolises a process. In order to get from Scorpio to Sagittarius we must wrestle with our inner serpent power, and gain greater knowledge and control of the secrets of life and death which the serpent holds. Ophiuchus is becoming more prominent as we are moving into another galaxy.

Legend:  Ophiuchus represents the healer Asclepius, who learned how to overcome aging and death by observing a serpent bringing another healing herbs. To prevent the human race from becoming immortal under Asclepius' care, Zeus killed him with a bolt of lightning, but later placed his image in the sky in honor of his good work. He is also Imphotep - doctor, sage, high priest, scribe, visionary, astrologer and hereditary noble - wears the crown Corona Borealis.

Pluto lies at 7 degrees Capricorn, which falls in Ophiuchus. Pluto is the planet of transformation and awakening.  It is a planet of evolution and unavoidable change. This is also a karmic time when people will be judged and rewarded accordingly. People will then be free to move on to the next chapter of their lives, which will be like being given a 2nd chance or a new life. Pluto also indicates death, resurrection, forgiveness, release, challenges, power struggles and resistance. Pluto normally rules Scorpio, the 8th house and mysteries. Pluto symbolises the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Pluto is 'The Secret' in action. Visualise what you want while involving all your senses and it will manifest. Because Pluto, the planet of awareness and awakening is in Ophiuchus we are becoming more aware of the powerful influence of the Serpent-Handler and all it symbolises. A powerful time for those born under its influence.

In 1997, James Spotiswoode published a scientific paper on experiments in ESP and remote viewing. The results showed that when the Galactic Center rises, there is a massive increase in human intuition and psychic ability. Thus the moon in Ophiuchus today makes people more intuitive and perceptive.

Galactic Center - a vast Black Hole at the center of our galaxy, discovered in 1932. It is the source of energy, life, motivation, aspiration, alien-consciousness, spiritualism, travel, education, philosophy, dedication and focused concentration.

Energy vibrated: Healing and finding creative solutions to problems, addictions and denials. Bad ideas are uprooted and replaced with more workable ones. 

Ophiucheans / Ascleopeans: are bright eyed, sexy, good looking, proud, respectable, independent, kind-hearted, love luxury, religious, philosophical, extremely clever and capable. They have very strong characters and seek true peace, wisdom and harmony. They will succeed in life. They have high hopes and big dreams and the inherent ability to make it come true. They are famous for destroying their enemies. Many people are envious / jealous of this subject as he progresses well throughout life. A seeker of wisdom and knowledge.
Tends to go for the more flamboyant in dress sense, favouring bright colours. Authority looks upon him / her well. Would make a great architect or builder. Number 12 is this persons lucky number. This person will have a big family but leave home at an early age.
Roots - These people are very deep (like roots) but conceal it with their friendly yet evasive manner. They grow because their roots are deep and strong. They stand firm in storms and winds and sustain themselves. Firm believers that the past is the best predictor of the future and always relate their lives to previous events that happened. Like Freud and Jung they embrace the fact that all deep rooted issues lie within, so we have to dig deep within for the answers. They have to follow the shamans journey of going into the underworld to fight and conquer their deepest demons to emerge victoriously in order to help others. They are philosophical and search for the reason for their being. They uproot darkness and plant seeds of truth in its place - turning darkness into light. They need to get to the root of things so make good researchers, investigators and detectives.  Roots lie underground so they are into underworld / unconscious issues such as counseling, hypnosis, mysticism, clairvoyance, spiritualism, reincarnation, meditation, metaphysics, tarot, numerology, feng shui, vastu, telepathy, telekenesis and communicating with angels and the spirit world. Because the Galactic Center Portal where Ophiuchus lies has opened, these are the people to listen to. They are the ones who instinctively understand quantum physics and the mechanics of reality. They have direct access to the collective unconscious, the mind matrix that contains all human possibilities, past, present and future in the form of archetypes. They understand and present great truths and mysteries in archetypal ways such as presented by the archetypal characters in Walt Disney (5 Dec) and Steven Spielberg (18 Dec) movies. Avatar; Star-Wars; Quantum-Leap; Back-to-the-Future; Thousand-Words; What-the-Bleep-do-we-Know; and The Secret - all brilliantly explain the mechanics of the mind and quantum physics. Parents of Ophiuchus children should teach them with pictures rather than words.

Sage-like, very spiritual and deeply in awe of the Divine. They can induce and endure severe self-denial and self-punishment in order to attain enlightenment. They instinctively understand the connection between the rose / lotus and the iris of the eye to the Galactic Center. All manner of chanting lies deeply ingrained in their super-conscious memory.

They have a deep love and understanding of animals and are telepathically linked to them. They understand and are connected to the animal spirit which aids with growth and healing. They feel their pain and fight for animal rights and as a result may turn vegetarian. For example Daniel in the Lion's Den who received the gift of vision after turning vegetarian.

The Serpent represents medicine and healing power. They are the natural healers, doctors, counselors, sages and shamans (psychics) in this world. They normally look younger than their age and are the ones seeking the the antidote to aging. It also symbolises a profound knowledge of the stars, astrology and astronomy. Serpent knowledge is a special kind of knowledge that can be obtained through fasting and meditation. Ophiucheans were born with natural awareness. The Serpent symbolises wisdom of all knowledge on earth. The Serpent gives luck and immunity from its venom to those born under its protective rule.
Ophiuchus influence suggests that a part of one's divine consciousness still hearkens back to a previous incarnation, not on Earth, but in the sacred-but-terrifying world of the Galactic Sun. There they lived in a god-like state which may cause them to push their luck, behave recklessly and take crazy risks in this life because they still feel larger than life. They may suffer from addictions and phlegm on the chest. Their dark side might make them lustful, non-compliant and involved in witchcraft. They are drawn to nature and enchanted gardens. They vibrate to the numbers of the sun - 111, 19, 28, 37, 91. Find the placement of Ophiuchus in your birth chart to find its influence in your life or find out who are the Ophiucheans influencing your life.

Birthdays are between 29 November to 18 December and those born the year of the Snake.

Famous Ophiucheans / Ascleopeans: 
Marie Curie

Tarot Cards: 
Temperance - have a foot in both worlds; finding balance and harmony; ascending to new heights.
Strength - of character and love of animals.
                                                                                                                      Tower - destroy ignorance and replace it with truth.
Chariot - balancing and mediating 2 forces.

Ascended Masters / Archangels:
Nirritri - destroys ignorance and replaces it with truth; destroys enemies and replace them with friends; destroy those who deliberately harm women, children and animals.
St Francis of Azzizi - patron saint of animals.

Asclepius (god of medicine and healing) and his daughter Iaso (goddess of medicine and healing).

Lord Ganesha and Lady Urania - overseers of astrologers and psychics; and removers of obstacles.

Lunar Zodiac: Earth is surrounded by the Zodiac band of 360 degrees.  The zodiac band is usually divided into 27 sections (mansions or constellations) of 13.2 degrees.  Whenever a planet moves through these mansions they radiate the energy of the particular mansion they are visiting.  These energy vibrations influence us on a subconscious level.  The Moon completes its wobbly trajectory around the earth in 27.32 days (a sidereal month).  The Moon is the closest planet (satellite) to earth and exerts the most energy on us (evident in the tides of the ocean).  Each individual will experience the daily energy in a different way as we are all unique.  For example if the energy involves travelling, one person might travel to another country while another may just travel a bit more than usual.  Pathological behaviour has been attributed to the moon, thus the term luna-tic.  Instead of reacting to this energy, it can be harnessed to benefit us in a positive way.  Take note of how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and use it to your advantage.  Each of these 27 (2 + 7 = 9) mansion are divided into 4 quadrants. 27 x 4 gives 108 prayer beads. 108 Holy Names, 108 prayers, 108 repetitions. 108 = 1 + 8 = 9 the powerful and magic number. Add any multiple of 9 and you will still get 9.  As we are busy moving into another galaxy and into the 5th dimension, the number of mansion will now be 29 and the total number will now be 11.
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