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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

12/12 Portal: 12 December: Ophiuchus Stargate to Quantum Change

12 / 3 :  Love, Creative, Imagination
        3 (Venus - beauty and love)
      12 (Neptune - intuition, awareness, visualization)
      21 (Saturn - space, time).

The Guardians of  number 12 are Neptune and Mother Ma-Ray (Mari).

The color for twelve (12) is blue.

12 is a mystical, divine, holy number:
* 12 hours of day and night.
* 12 months in a year.
* 12 signs in the traditional zodiac.
* 12 days of Christmas.
* 12 grades in school.
* 12 step programs.
* 12 jurors.
* 12 notes before the octave.
* 12 eggs in a dozen.
* 12 inches in a foot.
* 12 years of childhood before the teens.
* 12 Court Cards in an ordinary pack of Playing Cards.
* 12 Knights of King Arthur's Round Table.
* 12 successors to Mohammed.
* 12 Gods of Olympus.
* 12 Stations of Life in Buddhism.
* In the Bible: 12 tribes of Israel, 12 brothers of Joseph, 12 judges of Israel, 12 great patriarchs, 12 old testament prophets, 12 kings of Israel, 12 princes of Ishmael, 12 disciples of Jesus, 12 appearances of Jesus after his death.
* Jesus, Buddha, Osiris, Quetzalcoatl all had 12 disciples. The 13th was the Ascended Masters themselves, being the connection to the divine.

Spiritual Significance of the Number 12:

12 is the blueprint for serving a divine purpose or fighting for a cause and making others aware of its importance for the betterment of all inhabitants of the earth. 12-12 recurring in your life means you are being called to render your divinely blue printed purpose here on earth that will serve the greater good of all. The Crystals of the earth have been magnetized and are influencing those that must answer to the call of 12 - the call for willing self-sacrifice in order to serve a greater cause.

12 x 12 equals 144 - which the Bible and other Spiritual Sources refer to as 144 000 chosen ones. These are the people who will choose or appoint themselves as guardians over the earth. Good examples are Gary Yourofsky, Captain Paul Watson and the Sea Shephard Cove Guardians. 144 000 guardians will present themselves in leading others to greater consciousness of the need to save ourselves, our animals and our planet.

Number 12
* Neptune, who rules number twelve, is also known as Poseidon, Triton and Mari or Yemeya.
   Neptune rules the oceans, intuition, understanding, psychic-awareness and spiritual enlightenment.
   Neptune rules creative visualization, sages, psychics, prayer, meditation, sleep and dreams.
   Its negative aspects are escapism through drugs or alcohol.
   It is about consciousness that transcends the physical and about self-sacrifice.
* Mari (Mary) - the Goddess of the Great Deep of the Ocean and the Cosmic Womb. (Yemeya)
   Mari(ne) rules the Oceans and marine life.
   Mari's color is blue. She sends the blue ray of healing love.
* Shapeshifting through self-sacrifice and self-control
* Self-less acts.
* Ophiuchus (Serpentarius) rules the first half of the 12th month.
* Galactic Center is activated by the Sun's Rays over December.
* The mystical symbol of change and miracles.
* The number of Secret Truths and Cosmic Revelations.
* During the 12th month the Sun energizes the galactic center, increasing intuition, kindness, empathy, forgiveness, reconciliation and a feeling of oneness.
* The 12th letter in the alphabet is L, which stands for Love, Light, Life, Law and Laughter.
* Number 12 says: 'let go and go with the flow' or 'let go and let God'.

The Spiritual Significance of the12-12 Portal:
* Summer / Winter Solstice.
* North Pole - peak of Ursids Meteor Shower.
* South Pole - intensely activated Galactic Center Vortex.
* Cosmic Angelic Portals all over the Earth wide open.
* 12 Spiritual Chakras of Earth wide open.  South Africa houses the Solar Plexis of planet earth at the appropriately named 'Navel' Hill in Bloemfontein, the city I was born in. Also the birth place of J.R. Tolkin, author of 'Lord of the Rings'. Naval Hill also bears the 'white horse' of the 7th Galaxy, birth place of the Angels.
* Massive energy release that increases intuition, awareness, mystical experiences, ascension that transcends enlightenment.
* Greater awareness of the Goddess as part of the Divine.
* Greater awareness of Marine life and issues.
* The ocean will reclaim its power.
* Shapeshifting and bringing about change through self-sacrifice and self-control.
* The gift of knowing we have the choice to heal and rejuvenate ourselves and our planet.
* The power to create, change and manifest through focused intention and creative visualization.
* Energy Shift of planet earth and the universe to awareness and ascension.
* Increased Globalization through instant communication as a result of a decrease in the time-space continuum through high technology.
* Greater awareness of energy vibration and communication with other worldly beings.
* Specicism - Greater awareness of the animal spirit (soul) and selective killing of animals. Vegetarianism will become the preferred diet of the future as we become aware that animals have souls and killing them is murder. Animal communication through telepathy will become common knowledge.The Mayan Prophecy in a Nutshell.

Guardian of 12-12: Lady of Guatelope.

December highlights the energy vibration of the Golden Age. On this summer / winter solstice, Neptune, Pluto and Uranus energies will interact and cause a major impact on our collective consciousness. This energy shift will open spiritual portals on Earth making us aware of the angels and ascended masters among us and we will reclaim lost wisdom and start moving with the natural cycles of nature and the universe. This famed date will bring about the ascension of our own spirits and a rise in our frequency. Mayan and other ascended masters and angels will guide this process which will began in 2012.

There has been much talk of Mayan Calender and the end of the world on 21-12-12.  Nine (magic number) days before this day was the mystical date 12-12-12. In the Tarot the 12th card is the Hanged Man which represents transformation and changing into who you want to be. Those that are still with us have entered the vibration of great spiritual transformation. This brings the desire to choose love (discipline) over fear (chaos).

The 12-12 Portal is the Portal to the Tetrahedron Star which looks like the Star of David. It creates a powerful blue psychic shield of protection against evil forces that obstructs human happiness and prosperity. New pathways open during the opening of this portal on the 12th day of the 12th month. 12 New DNA strands and 12 Chakra's lead our soul to its highest destiny. Merkaba is now possible - new light beings in human bodies. Mer (light) ka (spirit) ba (body).

Born on 12-12, I was blessed with the gift of Divine Spiritual Insight, the Desire to tap into Hidden Knowledge and the calling to share Secret Knowledge. I want you to know that I have remembered who I Am. I Am an unlimited Being of Light. I am an infinite spirit in physical form. I choose to use this energy to heal and rejuvenate myself and this present dimension (earth) I am in through creative visualization and positive affirmations. I choose to transform (shape-shift) into my light body and to radiate the divine light to all and especially to the animals of this planet, who do not have a voice of their own. Neptune lies at 12 degrees in Libra on my IC. This bestows an interest in Astrology, metaphysics and the occult. It also indicates a love of water. This is the Imum Coeli in my birth chart and coincides with the exact degree of my mother's birth sun. I Am exactly who I Am supposed to be!

 I believe we all have the innate ability to transform our world and to heal our world through 4 principles:
-relaxation - being still.
-focused attention and being in the now (awareness and experiencing flow).
-visualization - imagining what we want to happen.
-affirmations - positively affirming that things will happen the way we want them to now.

We manifest what we desire. We manifest what we fear. Whatever we focus on we magnify. Focus on healing yourself, others and this planet with positive visualization and positive affirmation. Don't imagine the worst happening. Imagine the outcome that will serve the greater good. Imagine the desired outcome.

I believe that children whisper their names to their parents before they are born. My children are:

Brigitte - Bright Light an Irish goddess of fire and of the home. Profound mind and research ability.
              You bring love, light, direction, organization and knowledge from the Arcturus records.
Crystal - Christ Light - born 19-12 in the energy vortex of the galactic center, that energize earth's crystals. The galactic center is at 27 degrees Sagittarius on the 19th of December. You are representative of the Crystal generation. The name you whispered to me before your birth represents your life purpose. Although    you are an earth angel, you have a far greater purpose - spreading love, light, beauty and the power of creative imagination. Honor your name!