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Wednesday, 28 December 2016

2017 Chinese Horoscopes

2017: Year of the Fire Rooster
The Sun and the Fiery bird. 
The Phoenix rising from the Ashes.
The Rooster Crows the Sound of Success.

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What 2017 holds for the different Lunar (Chinese) Signs:

Lots of celebrating this year including a marriage or family celebration. Guard against overwork and injuries. A very busy year with lots of commitments. Luck in your social life.

Great success at work but guard against mischief makers and swindlers. Strange coincidences and incidents may occur. An award and recognition. Meditate and fast to ensure a good year. Bringing the trophies home. Chicken brings money to Ox.

Networking and helpful people will make this a successful year. Guard against being over anxious. Problems will sort out in unexpected ways and with help from unexpected places. Good rewards and results.

Be frugal with money as unexpected expenses may occur. Teamwork will benefit you this year. Consult with others in decision making.

A promotion at work as reward for past efforts.  Money matters will greatly improve. Family life will be happy and rewarding. Happiness in every area of life. Love and good relationships.

Recognition, reward and profits awaits as this is an extremely lucky year for you. Entanglement in relationships.

Guard against getting anxious or upset too easily especially where work or career is concerned. Happiness in the home. Fame, recognition and wealth through hard work. Frustrations here and there.

You may find yourself spending copious amounts of money on entertainment this year. Guard againt disputes at home.

Good planning and networking will benefit business.  Do not underestimate your competitors. Socially busy and may find yourself exhausted from working and playing hard.

An impressive comeback of some sort. Support from powerful people. Guard against accidents and against creating trouble.

A year layered with obstacles. Temporary setbacks in business. Turn this into a happier year through meditation and fasting. Give donations to improve luck.

Take extra care of health through diet and exercise. Avoid confrontations at home and work. Spend more time with friends.