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Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017 Predictions from Jade's Crystal Ball

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2017: The Year of The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes (Fire Rooster):

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: This year will end a cycle of bad luck, bad karma, bad situations and illness. 2017 is a year of revealed secrets, discovering the unknown and healing. Matters regarding demolition, waste and rubble removal will receive greater attention. Build rapport and be a good listener to ensure recognition, fame, fortune, promotions and power. Fortune will smile on those ready to take a calculated risk. Guard against getting involved in legal or political battles. A self-confident man who has an unusual walk or walks with a limp will rise to prominence. Education and knowledge will be emphasized as well as making it available to the less privileged.

This year's motto: Knowledge - be in the know. Keep up to speed with the news and new technology. Having quick and easy access to knowledge. Most of all know yourself. Self-knowledge is the key to self-actualization.

Psychics / Psychologists / Counselors - will gain more prominence as more and more people need someone to listen to their problems. For a confidential session contact Jade via email There is a fee involved in exchange for my positive vibrations and energy.

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Listen and Learn: Listen to what others have to say. That way you become knowledgeable. When you speak you talk about things you already know. When you listen you can learn new things. Most important of all, listen to your heart! When we pray we make a call to God. When we have a hunch, God is calling us.

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Words and Music: carry vibrations. Make sure your words and music are positive and uplifting. Listen and become aware: the universe is whispering to you!

Communication and Internet:  will expand and improve in unprecedented ways. Faster and more efficient methods to connect.

Music: New talent and new and unusual ways of dancing will emerge.

Number 17: This year is ruled by the number 17. This will be a highly spiritual year with peace, love, luck, money, fame and hope as its main features.

8 pointed 'Star of Venus':  It is written in the Stars. New interest and advancement in astronomy and astrology. New found ideas around the stars. 2017 is a wish fulfilling year. Be sure to wish upon a star to make your dreams come true. Dream big and follow your heart. If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough!  Consult an astrologer, like myself, to chart the course of your life from the stars. Your story is written there. 2017 will bring us new famous people 'Stars' especially in the music world. New good books and movies will also delight and entertain us in 2017.

2017 Venus influence: Showers us with wealth this year. Love, beauty, fashion, art and good food are her other blessings. This is an excellent year for marriage as it will bring good karma and be long and lasting. Venus can wreak havoc with weather patterns.

2017 will be strongly influenced by the vibrations of the Star Signs Capricorn and Aquarius:

Capricorn: Materialism and social image will be important. Success is assured for those who follow the rules of Saturn. Be disciplined, on time and organised. Guard against temptation of physical pleasures such as food, drink, drugs and sex. Moderation is the key. Saturn teaches that there is a time and place for everything. Instant self-gratification leads to self-loathing and regret. Delayed gratification gives a sense of self-control and happiness.

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Aquarius: Humanity, social movement and futuristic thinking. Inventions that will make the future easier. New and improved methods to stay younger for longer. New and eccentric ways of being and doing things. Great new books, stories and films will be born this year. 2017 will be a year of rebellion and reform. France, Germany and Turkey will be in the news as well as countries located on the 'ring of fire'. Possible bombings and trouble in Greece. Social and humanitarian causes will be prominent. The Aquarius Glyph symbolize waves: water. air, microwaves etc. Huge advancements in technology is to be expected. Micro-chipping and genetic manipulation will become a reality. This will result in more effective ways of monitoring health, paying bills, communicating, etc.

Saturn rules time, space, old age, discipline and order.
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The influence of  Saturn, Uranus and the Moon: can give rise to unsettling events regarding weather and political uprisings. Emotions run high and may result in revolution and panic. I see bombs and unrest in Greece and Turkey. Governments will take unprecedented steps in releasing classified documents and correspondence. Hurricanes and earthquakes are likely to be unexpected and shocking. Electricity will be released and conducted in new ways, possibly involving water. Nu-clear power and hydrogen advancements.

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Aviation and Travel: Major events on this front. Space travel and speed of travelling will reach new heights. Huge advancements to be expected. New and improved designs for vehicles. A restless and busy year that will flood trains, planes and buses. Crowded airports will emphasize the need for new and improved methods of travel, which will definitely manifest this year.
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Birds: Feed the birds to feed your dreams.

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Angels: The presence of Angels will be more prevalent. Guardian Angels will present themselves to those who are receptive and open to helpful celestial energy.

Aliens: Alien activity and life on other planets will be in the news.

Merging / Alliances: between companies and countries to improve social and economical conditions. Building new and better bridges and tunnels to connect cities and countries.  Globalization intensifies and the world becomes smaller as news travels faster and more effectively.

Liquids: Water, Oil, Alcohol, Perfume and all liquids will be in the limelight and are good commodities to invest in for the future.

Science, New Inventions, Metaphysics - unparalleled advances. Time and time-travel will be redefined and gain new meaning. New hydrogen bombs to be explored and tested. The presiding celestial guardian Vishnu is the preserver of earth and therefore these weapons will be unsuccessful.

Health:  cure for a disease. New and improved hearing aids. A possible pandemic regarding bird flue, which may spread worldwide quickly as a result of a universal urge to travel because this year will be characterized by restlessness. An obsession with outward appearances will manifest as new and improved ways of staying younger for longer and improved methods in cosmetic surgery.

Goddess that rules this year: Saraswati, goddess of knowledge.

Ascended Master that rules: Vishnu, the preserver of the universe.

Be Safe and be Blessed !

Calling on the Angels is the key to being safe!

Gratitude is the key to attracting great blessings !


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