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Sunday, 18 December 2016

Crystal Angel Birthday: 19 December

Happy Birthday Crystal. May all your dreams come true.

Crystal Angel and Chris Angel
Sun Children: Bright, brilliant.
Chris Angels picture saved from:

Crystal, you are a Sagittarius in both Vedic and Western Astrology. The Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus were all placed in Sagittarius when you were born. You love maps, travelling and learning foreign languages. 

Children of the Rising Sun: You shine bright like the Sun. You are born to perform and good at drawing attention to yourself. You attract good luck and good fortune with your sunny and optimistic personality.  You are confident, self-assured and straightforward. You are not afraid to voice your opinion even if it shocks people around you. You are not the type to spend weeks untying a knot when you can do it with a swift slice of a blade. You wont waste your energy on unimportant or petty details but get straight to the root of things.  You have a strong need to challenge convention, question norms and generate new and original alternatives.  You have your own special brand of magic and will be respected for your individuality and integrity.

Meaning of Number 19: The number Nineteen is regarded as fortunate and extremely favourable. It is symbolized as 'the Sun' and is called 'the Prince of Heaven'. It is a number which promises happiness, success, esteem and honour, and also success in one's plans for the future. (Cheiro's Numerology).

Placement of the Sun on 19 December: 3° Sagittarius (sidereal) / 27° Sag (tropical)
0°00' - 13°20' Sagittarius falls on the Galactic Center. 

19 December: Galactic Center: 3 Sagittarius (tropical 27 Sag)
A vast Black Hole at the centre of our galaxy, discovered 1932; source of energy, motivation, aspiration; alien consciousness; crisis of faith; travel; education; philosophy; spiritual urges; single-minded dedication. Fortunate; Jupiter (Linda Goodman).

Placement of Moon, Mercury and Venus in the 20th Celestial Mansion in the bow of Sagittarius:

Moon, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius: 
Love, Health, Nutrition. 
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Career: Power and strength attract you most and you are capable of achieving greatness. Wear shades of blue to enhance your eyes and dazzling smile and to keep you cool, calm and collected. Wear a ruby or garnet ring on your index finger to enhance your career prospects. You are artistic and like to create order. You are good at planning things. Face east when you think about new ideas and new ventures. Looking at the colors of the sun such as yellow and orange will enhance your creativity. Keep a square-based bronze vase in your office to help you maintain a balance between your career and family life.

Home: You need a home with a large garden, animals, and a library with a round table in where you can debate with friends and share your knowledge. Burning Sandalwood incense will add a mystical touch to the atmosphere in your home. (Gillentene, p743).

Main characteristics: Expressive, courageous, honest, loyal, serious, materialistic, spontaneous, freedom-loving. People love to bask in your brilliant, sunny personality. You know how to captivate a crowd. You are destined to educate, enlighten and enchant others with your emotional honesty. (Cheung, p709).

Health:  Follow a healthy diet. Exercise and get enough sleep to avoid depression. Avoid alcohol and drugs as they can make you aggressive. Luckily when it comes to your social life you act more like a controlling parent and will stay focused when everyone else looses their cool.

Love: You take relationships seriously and remain faithful and loyal because of your innate sense of morality. (Carruthers, p109). You need a partner who can handle your larger-than-life personality.

Money:  Materialistic and need a healthy bank account to feel happy. (Carruthers, p109).

Shadow side: Negative, depressed, aggressive and perplexing.

Magic Mantra: I Am the Master of My Mind. I create my own luck with my positive thoughts.

Magic Color: Lagoon: Regal, Expressive, determined, courageous and powerful. This color helps you to remain balanced.  Wear a bit of yellow, orange or gold to focus on and achieve your dreams.(Bernhardt).

Magic numbers: 1, 3, 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 19, 54,  111, 354.

Magic Gems:  Diamond and Tiger's Eye for protection.
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Ruled by: Sun (bright, brilliant) and Venus (love, beauty, luxury).

Tarot Cards: Sun - brilliant, expansive, creative, powerful and courageous.
                       Empress - wealth and beauty.

Celestial Guardians:
Venus: Goddess of Love and of the Sea.
Diana: Goddess of the Hunt.


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