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Friday, 9 December 2016

Ophiuchus (Serpentarius): 2 - 15 December

Ophiuchus the Dragon Slayer / Serpent Wrestler.
Marker Stars: Antares, Rasalhague (Ophiuchus), Rastaban (Dragon's Eye).
The Galaxy of: Snake-Wrestler and Hercules.
Symbol: Round Talisman, Round Earring, Umbrella for protection.
               Shield (protection)
               Spear (warfare)
               Ouroboros (serpent) - cycles of life and death, reincarnation.
Divine Celestial Guardian: Jupiter.
Ruling planet: Mercury (mind, intellect, communication). 
                          Mercury falls under Vishnu consort of Luxmi.
Element: Air.
Enhanced Energy: Protective Dragon-Slayer.
Direction: South-West.
Lucky Colour: Turqouise.
Lucky numbers: 18 - connected to the energy of the moon.
                                     3; 6; 9; 12; 14; 18; 21; 30; 37; 41; 47; 144.
Animal: Male deer and hare: Fickle, moody, unpredictable, anxious.
               White elephant and white horse. 
               Archangel Michael holds a spear and a shield and rides a white horse.
Birds: Duck - likes to be near water, agile, strong, adaptable.
            Peacock - Pride, ego, name, respect, image.  
Symbol: Circular amulet (protection).
Trees: Red Silk Tree - Attracts large amounts of birds (protection).
            Sequoia Tree - Protection, Responsibilities, Vision, bravery, renewal, strength, durability, 
                                            transformation, rejuvenation.
Ophiuchus Key Words: Protective and Responsible. Occult, astrology, planning.
Middle Finger: Tallest, showing supremacy, control and self-control. Noble and protecting.
For Luck: Wear black, dark blue and red. Feed chickens, don't eat them. Don't harm deer. Fast on Wednesdays and when the moon is in this house. Chant 'Om Indra Namaha'. Pay tribute to Krishna.

Ophiuchus symbolizes a process. In order to get from Scorpio to Sagittarius we must wrestle with our inner serpent power, and gain greater knowledge and control of the secrets of life and death which the serpent holds. Ophiuchus / Serpentarius / Asklepius: Star Gate of the Gods: 2012  or 12/12 marks its introduction into mass consciousness. It is about awareness, quantum change and a powerful focus shift. It is the galaxy of the fast and the furious and the spiritually evolved.  Its appearance on the ecliptic was first noted by an astronomer in 1930. If your birthday falls between 2 to 15 December you are under the influence of the Sun in Ophiuchus (Serpentarius). 

Astronomy is the scientific study of the Heavens.
Astrology is the beliefs about its vibrational (energy) effect on humans and life on earth.

All 'google sky' pictures were taken from my android in Johannesburg, ZA. Alhague

Antares: Healer / Hero / Protector / First / Oldest / Leader / Superior

December 02 - December 15  

16°40' - 30°00' Scorpio (sidereal)
9°54'  -  24°42' Sagittarius (tropical)                           

                                               Sun on 2 December at 17° Scorpio (9° Sag)
Fixed Star: Antares                             
 Intelligent, innovative, grand, talented, flamboyant, dramatic.
 Britney Spears, Gianni Versace, Maria Callas
             Colour: Adriatic Blue   Numbers: 2, 11, 20.

                                                   Sun on 3 December at 18° Scorpio (10° Sag)
Kuma (Nu Dragon)
Charming, lucky, energetic, confident.
Brendan Frazer, Ozzy Osbourne, Anna Freud, Julianne Moore.
Colour: Celestial Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30.

Sun on 4 December at 19° Scorpio (11° Sag)
Alwaid / Rastaban in head of Serpent.
Eccentric, wealthy, unconventional, stubborn.
Jay-Z, Tyra Banks, Jeff Bridges, General Francisco Franco (dictator).
Colour: Canton  Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 40

                                                    Sun on 5 December at 20°Scorpio (12° Sag)
Serpent's Head.
Assertive, intelligent, outspoken, courageous.
Walth Disney, Little Richard.
Colour: Riviera  Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 32.

Sun on 6 December at 21° Scorpio (13° Sag)
Sarin, in chest of Hercules.
Friendly, kind, eccentric, amusing, sexy.
Ira Gershwin, Dave Brubeck (musicians)
Colour: Dusk Blue

Sun on 7 December at 22° Scorpio (14° Sag)
Ras Algethi in Head of Hercules.
Creative, spiritual, scatterbrained.
Tom Waits
Colour: Cendre Blue  Numbers: 7, 16, 34, 70
                                                   Sun on 8 December at  23° Scorpio (15° Sag)
Grafias in Scorpio's tail.
Extreme, intuitive, profound.
Jim Morrison, Kim Basinger, Sinead O'Connor.
Colour: Orient Blue   Numbers: 8, 26, 44.

                                                     Sun on 9 December at 24° Scorpio (16° Sag)
Sabik in Snake Wrestler's Knee.
Powerful, intense, enthusiastic.
John Milton, Kirk Douglas, Donny Osmond, John Malkovich
Colour: Velvet Morning   Numbers: 9, 36, 45, 90.

Saturn is currently situated here at 24° Scorpio (17° Sag)

To find out how this affects you find out where this is placed in your birth chart.
Saturn at 24° Scorpio brings success, determination and blessings. It can make you get to the essence or root of problems and it can make you get straight to the point.
Adversely it can bring accidents, feelings of being helpless and desperate. Jealousy directed towards you can make you feel challenged.  Enjoying physical pain eg injections, tattoos, operations.
Pray, meditate and burn incense for blessings from the Ascended Masters as the Aroma pleases them.  To find out where Scorpio is located in your chart contact

Sun on 10 December at  25° Scorpio  (18° Sag)
Maasym in the left arm of Hercules.
Wise, gracious, vigilent, innovative.
Emily Dickinson, Olivier Messiaen (composer).
Colour: Porcelain Green   Numbers: 1, 10, 11, 22.

Sun on 11 December 11 at 26° Scorpio (19° Sag)
Maasym Arm of Hercules
Dhinese: Keen Pi: the 2 parts of the lock.
Creative, inspiring, spiritual, defensive.
Brenda Lee, Jermaine Jackson (singers).
Lucky Colour: Delft   Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 20.

Sun on morning of 12 December at 27° Scorpio (20° Sag)
Alpha Ara (The Celestial) Altar.  Also Atria.
Intuitive, intelligent, obsessive perfectionist, touchy, nervous.
Frank Sinatra, Dionne Warwick (singers).
Colour: Lyons Blue   Numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30.


Ara Constellation (just under Scorpio's Sting) symbolizes:
-Altar where fire and smoke sacrifices are made to honour the Celestial Beings.
-Altar Noah build after 40 days flood.
-Celestial Altar created by the ascended masters on Mount Olympus to celebrate the defeat of the titans where they swore allegiance to the supreme Celestial Master Zeus (Jupiter).

Sun in the evening of 12 December 27° Scorpio at (20° Sag)

Sun on 13 December at 28° Scorpio (21° Sag)
Beta Ophiuchus, Kelb Alrai, Right Shoulder of Ophiuchus.
Willful, erratic, changeable, charming, charismatic.
Jamie Foxx, Dick Van Dyke, Christopher Plummer.
Colour: Galapagos Green.   Numbers: 13, 22, 31.

                                                 Sun on 14 December at 29° Scorpio (22° Sag)
Theta Scorpius, Sargas in tail of Scorpio.
Curious, Compassionate, vocal, expressive.
Nostradamus (astrologer 1503).
Colour: Green-Blue Slate   Numbers 5, 14, 23, 41.

Sun on 15 December at 30° Scorpio (23° Sag)
Ras Alhague in Head of Ophiuchus.
Musical, affable, promoter, gregarious.
Don Johnson, Emperor Nero, Paul Getty.
Colour: Blue Heaven.   Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33.

Finding balance, harmony, equilibrium or middle ground (the golden pathway) is the main message of Ophiuchus. Wrestling with our inner demons as we try to find a balance between the material and the spiritual. Blending our animal instincts (shadow side) with higher values and morals (light side). Moderation in all things. Overindulgence brings suffering and bad karma especially to our children and finances. Achieve best results in life by staying modest and humble.

Transformation: These people have the ability to combine things to create something new and fresh.

Ouroboros symbol: The repeating cycles (circles) of life and finding the right blend in life through time and experience. Also past, present and future. Cycles of ife and death, reincarnation.

Ophiuchus is Lord Naga (Nirah), the Serpent God, also known as Asclepius the healer. Asclepius received a recipe for immortality from a snake (cobra). Jupiter (Zeus) killed him with a bolt of lightning because this was a threat to the gods. The bolt of lightning is also symbolic of the quick temper that Ophiuchans have.

Ophiuchus in the Tarot Cards: 9 of Wands: The Wounded Healer.

Golden Dawn: Lord of Great Strength
Learned through past hurt, mistakes and can guide others.
Moon (Psychic) in Ophiuchus (Temperance - balance).
Psychic dreams and visions guide them to help themselves and others through tough times.
Time and Experience, as well as the psychic and meditative influence of the moon,
 gives them the wisdom to heal and guide others.

They have penetrating eyes and a serious expression on their face.
Highly responsible and can undertake and lead important tasks.
Very honest.
Like the 9 of Wands, they may loose the battle, but they will win the war.
Critical of self and others, but do see the flaws in themselves through introspection and then improve on it.
Have to deal with children in difficult circumstances.
Very supportive of their children's goals.
Taking on the responsibilities of the father.
May loose a spouse through death or divorce.
Problems with in-laws.

Positive Traits: 
Very protective over themselves, their loved ones and their home.
Protective, courageous, resilient, persevering, determined.
Sincere and loyal to their responsibilities.
Boundless potential to reach their goals.
Know how to handle most situations.
Sensual, sexual, seductive fall in love deeply.
Perpetually young looking.
They stand up for what they believe in and fight for a cause. They are patient and resilient and always get what they want.
They are the Super Heroes (Hercules) who work behind the scenes and make it easy for everyone else in order to make a difference in the world.

Negative Traits:
Defensive, hesitant, paranoid, nervous, anxious, careless, stubborn.
Fear long term commitment.
They set boundaries that may cage them in. Locked in by their own behaviour and habits.
Secretive and reclusive.
Confused and unsettled in their minds.
Not sure who to trust or who to sting.
Over think issues.
Exaggerated moaning and groaning.
Domineering, self-centered and short tempered.
Don't like to wait or be restricted.
Revengeful and vindictive if someone hurts them or harms their social image.
Warfare mentality.
May be too proud and egotistical.
Alcohol, drugs, intoxication and illicit affairs.

Asthma, breathing problems and stomach problems due to nervousness.

Snake Symbolizes: 
Healing ability and learning to control the senses for self-actualization and enlightenment.

Ophiuchus Career / Professions:
Ruled by Mercury that rules communication, singing, music, radio, tv, writing, mediators, negotiators.
Healer, doctor, surgeon, psychologist, psychic.
Jupiter influence them to be interested in foreign cultures, religions, languages and learning.
Also politicians, lawyers, fighters, soldiers.
8th house influence: occult, mystic, psychic, detectives, researchers.
Negative: Mafia or illegal business.
They may constantly change jobs until they find their passion and purpose in life.


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Hi, my name is bren sage :) I stumbled across this article today while researching some other stuff:
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wow, very cool stuff. i am ophiuchan. My bday is 12/13, i was unaware of the new moon on my birthday in 2012! But I am not surprised. This year (2016) My (30th) birthday was under the "full cold supermoon"! So one in each portal. Something pretty weird is happening in my life! Thank you for this post.

This line meant a lot to me as I discovered it myself during that season in 2012: "Ophiuchus influence suggests that a part of one's divine consciousness still hearkens back to a previous incarnation, not in Earth, but in the sacred-but-terrifying world of the Galactic Sun." This is so spot-on. I went a bit mad back in 2012 haha and put a post up about it on my facebook wall. I think my friends thought i was losing it heh x.x I'm gonna go back and re read it now ... much love your way.
I see these things but I am still not sure what is really going on! I've been researching like crazy for months as if my life depends on it. I feel like something huge is falling into place and that I'm on the verge of a breakthrough. Dunno why i'm even telling you this ;P Just feeling really isolated I guess and looking for connections/answers. Anyway thanks kind stranger. I'm bookmarking your blog.
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