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Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bow of Sagittarius: 29 December to 10 January

Bow of Sagittarius: The Invincible Star.
Never accepts defeat.

The pulled back bow - taking aim at a target, strategy.
Supplies us with the energy needed for survival.

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Working hard to make money to live a wealthy life and buy luxurious things. Setting high goals and achieving them. Hard working and talented. Diligent perfectionists. Competence. Expertise, Effort. In the kitchen. Nutrition and love important. Diligent. Good grades. Building and Renovating.

Bow of Sagittarius: Kaus Astralis, Kaus Medius, Kaus Borealis.
Sidereal Degrees: 13-20 to 26-40 Sagittarius.  (Tropical Degrees: 7 - 19 Capricorn)
Birthdays: 29 December to 10 January
Symbols: elephant's tusk; fan; bed, winnowing basket.

This is the Celestial Mansion of water and of animals.

Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata (Sanskrit Spiritual Book) with his left broken tusk.
Philosophical and devoted.
Wisdom, Strength, Remover of Obstacles, Luck.

The Winnowing basket - separate wheat from chaff.
Discernment and discriminating intellect.
Sift through whatever is no longer useful and what is no longer serving you 
and replace it with what makes you happy.

Venus - Water Goddess (born from water).

Divine Celestial Guardian: Aphrodite / Luxmi (Venus) born from water.
Ruling planet: Venus (love, nutrition, luxury, beauty, pleasure, procreation ).
Element: Earth
Enhanced Energy: Cleaning out and creating new fresh energy. Detoxing.
Direction: South-West.
Lucky Color: yellow / cream.
Lucky numbers:  Main number is 20. Judgement - rebuild.
Hanson Roberts

Gemstone: Diamond.
Metal: Lead.
Sound: Chimes, bells, Bu-dha.
Animal: Monkey.
Bird: Hen
Tree: Jungle Tree (Tinospora)
For Luck: Don't ever eat chicken and fast on Fridays.
Archer's Bow Key Words: Love, nutrition, victory.

Characteristics of those born 29 December to 10 January:
Youthful, elitist, separatist, philosophical, dignified, sophisticated, judgmental, ambitious, adventurous. Power to invigorate and energize. Inspired by setbacks to perform better and reach the top. Disciplined, persistent and hard working. Confident, unstoppable, intelligent, the undefeated.

These people are all about Love - showing love to the world; and about nutrition. They constantly pour love on situations.

Archer Bow's Song: 
To dream the impossible dream; To fight the unbeatable foe; To bear with unbearable sorrow; To run where the brave dare not go; To right the unrightable wrong; To love pure and chaste from afar; To try when your arms are too weary; To reach the unreachable star; This is my quest; To follow that star; No matter how hopeless, no matter how far; To fight for the right; Without question or pause; To be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause; And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest: That my heart will lie peaceful and calm; When I'm laid to my rest; And the world will be better for this; That one man, scorned and covered with scars: Still strove with his last ounce of courage; To reach the unreachable star!

Their symbol is the fan because it gives them the ability to keep their cool during 'hot' or tough times. Fanning the fire, through strong will power, sustained effort and ambition. They push harder and longer than most to reach their goals. The negative side is that they can fan up a fire of aggression. The Chinese use the fan to add beauty and glamour, and to show off. They know how to live a happy life of luxury in a glamorous way and how to show off their achievements. They do well in fields involving beauty, glamour and show business. The handheld fan is also used as a fan to hide a face or to conceal something. They can be secretive and mysterious.

Mulan displays all the characteristics of the Archer's Bow. She loves animals, has a lucky cricket and the dragon spirit of her ancestors guard her. Out of love for her sickly father she disguises herself as a boy to fight in his place. Her strong will and determination makes her mentally invincible. Despite setbacks she patiently and diligently forges ahead. She has a strong conviction in her beliefs and believes that there is nothing in this world that she cannot do. She becomes a formidable force and a harsh and cruel fighter when the circumstances demand it. Like Mulan, these people cannot bear defeat or losing out and can take extreme measures to fulfill their goals. Wounded Healer - Despite Mulan's injury, mental anguish and disgrace when she is exposed as a girl, fortune favors her and she emerges victoriously in the end - all grown up and conquering China and bringing honor to her family.

People born in the 'Archer's Bow' are fierce in nature but balanced in functioning. They make good adventurers and explorers and find treasures where others won't even bother to look.

 greatestTheir strengths are their patient persevere and their strong conviction of winning. They enjoy the thrill of the chase and delight in bringing the fiery horse to obey. But this is also their greatest weakness and their biggest cause of suffering in life. They find it hard to accept defeat and may obsessively pursue an objective even when it becomes clear to everyone that the chances of realizing them are zero. In order to be successful they need a reality check every now and again and make sure that they are not wasting their time on chasing a useless dream. 

Pepe Le Pew is an example. "Le'bebe, do you have a hobby, mine is making love'. They believe in the purity of love. He never gives up and turns every negative into a positive. He gets what he wants and goes for it and nothing others say or do can change it. He believes there is no such a thing as him not being wanted. They have remarkable drive and determination.

Gizelle (Amy Adams) in Enchanted is another example. She believes in the purity of love, and because of her conviction she makes everyone feel the happiness of love. Ruled by Venus, they love to be in love. Venus also rules beauty and money and these people are usually blessed with both.

Venus influence makes them good models, actors and movie stars. They do well in careers involving nutrition, liquids and beauty. These people are very much into nutrition and the wholesomeness of food. People born under 'The Archer's Bow' make good healers, counselors and psychics. Jupiter makes them good lawyers, public speakers, politicians, authors and go-getters. They also make good sales people because they are very convincing. They vibrate to the numbers 20.

Find out which planets fall in this part of your sidereal chart to find out how 'The Archer's Bow' influences your life.

29 December: Kaus Borealis: 13 Sagittarius (sidereal) / 7 Cap (tropical)
Spiritual, sensitive, intuitive, talented, versatile, emotional, responsible.
Mary Tyler Moore (1936); Jon Voight (1938); Jude Law (1972).
Color: Purple Haze.  Numbers 2, 11, 20, 29.

30 December: Facies Nebula in face of Archer:14 Sag / 8 Cap:
Adventurous, artist, traveler, narrator.
Tiger Woods (1975).
Color: Sunburn.   Numbers 3, 12, 30.

31 December: Alpha Scutum: 15 Sag / 9 Cap
Regal, charismatic, judgmental, insightful.
Sir Anthony Hopkins (1937); John Denver (1943); Val Kilmer (1958).
Color: Brittany Blue.  Numbers 4, 6, 7, 22, 31, 40, 366.

1 January: Globular cluster: 16 Sag / 10 Cap
Tenacious, stubborn, strong-willed, enterprising.
Pocahontas (1595), John Smith (1580).
Color: Baked Clay. Numbers: 1, 10, 100.

2 January: Nunki: 17 Sag / 11 Cap.
Responsible, kind, fair, emotional.
Cuba Gooding Jr. (1968).
Color: Toasted Nut.   Numbers 2, 11, 20.

3 January: Ascella (arm of Archer): 18 Sag / 12 Cap.
Loyal, lovable, relentless, committed, independent.
J.R. Tolkien (1892), Mel Gibson (1956), Michael Schumacher (1969).
Color: Toast.   Numbers: 3, 12, 21.

4 January:  19 Sag / 13 Cap.
Talented, creative, structured, determined.
Louis Braille (1852), Julia Ormond (1965).
Color: Canton. Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 40.

5 January: Manubrium (ear of archer): 20 Sag / 14 Cap.
Spiritual, expressive, determined, expressive.
Diane Keaton (1946), Marilyn Manson (1969).
Color: Nostalgia Rose.   Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 50.

6 January: Alpha Sagittarius, Rubat, the Knee : 21 Sag / 15 Cap.
Romantic, strong, hardworking, philosopher.
Joan of Arc (1412), Rowan Atkinson (1956).
Color: Apple Butter.  Numbers: 6, 24, 33, 60.

7 January: Alpha Lyra, Vega (Abijit): 22 Sag / 16 Cap.
Reflective, organised, dependable,  intense.
Nicolas Cage (1964).
Color: Roan Rouge.  Numbers: 7, 25, 34, 70.
Orthodox Christmas - Russians, Greeks because they use the Julian calendar, not Gregorian.
Sun conjunct Pluto.
Sun: Prominence, males, creativity, recreation, speculation, children.
Pluto: Power, transformation, understanding, obsession, visualization, disasters, death.
Use this powerful energy to bring about needed change.
The truth revealed.

8 January: Beta Lyra, Sheliak, The Tortoise: 23 Sag / 17 Cap.
Charismatic, musical, grand, determined.
Elvis Presley (1935), Shirley Bassey (1937), Stephen Hawking (1942), David Bowie (1947).
Color: Canyon Rose.   Numbers: 8, 17, 35, 44.

9 January: Beta Lyra, Sheliak, Strings of Lyra: 24 Sag / 18 Cap.
Serious, fiery, purposeful.
Kate Middleton (1983).
Color: Earth Red.   Numbers: 9, 45, 72, 90.

10 January: Beta Lyra, Sheliak, Strings of Lyra:: : 25 Sag / 19 Cap.
Strong, stubborn, creative, realistic.
Rod Stewart (1945).
Color: Bombay Brown.  Numbers: 1, 10, 100.


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