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Sunday, 8 January 2017

January Full Moon of the Howling Wolf

This full Moon (12/1/2017) falls in the Celestial Mansion of Celebrating Abundance (Castor and Pollux). Quick and easy gains are now possible. A sudden flash of success and winning .  Can bring great good fortune.

3 of Cups: Celebrating abundance.
Moon at 24 Gemini (sidereal) // 18 Cancer (tropical)
Procyon: Canis Minor

Celestial Mansion Seven: Castor & Pollux (wolf moon).
Castor: mortal: horse whisperer: Sirius.
Pollux: immortal: boxer: Procyon.
Ruled by: Mercury (Merchant) and Jupiter (luck).
Deity: Our Lady of Miracles.
Symbols: Twins, Cupid, Lovers, Swans, cats, bows and arrows, the returning arrow.
Return to Light "the two restorers of goods"; Love Conquers All.

Full Moon: good money making,  wish-come-true, favors, gains and safe travel. Celebrating good fortune and success. Business will boom.

Moon opposite Pluto - Something being destroyed and then rebuild. Transformation. Obsessive behavior. Clean out the clutter. Intense emotions. A bomb bursting. Truth revealed.

This is an extremely fortunate moon. It brings fame and wealth. Good for travel, worship, new beginnings and new insights. Issues related to dogs, animals and children. Issues regarding loyalty and what-comes-around-goes-around. Heightened senses and bad smells eg smoke, fish or pollution. Danger of fires and injuries to feet. The Galactic Mansion of the Wolf is about 'unconditional love'. 

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Castor and Pollux vibrate the energy of money luck. It is also about returning or recycling, because that is the way we evolve and grow. The energy is specifically about repeating prosperity and brilliance. Being, good or wealthy again.  The magical weapon that returns after completing its mission. In order to perfect something, we have to do it over and over again.

Energy Vibration: Repeating prosperity, abundance and brilliance. Healing and The Return of the Light. This beautiful and uplifting Moon Mansion highlights communication and making life changes. Rewrite your life story. Start telling a different and more uplifting story about your life, your past and your childhood. The result will bring about a dramatic and instant change for the better in your life. Use today's energy to playfully examine your own thought and verbal patterns.  This energy is all about the r's in your life: refresh, revitalize, replenish, re-do, recur, review, reappear, release, relief, renew, restore, reconcile, reunion, return, retrieve, recover, reinvent yourself. It is an excellent day for any kind of medical treatment as it is governed by the 'Healing Physicians of the Gods'. Today's energy is also good for the following: Approaching your boss, widening your social circle, increase trade and money; buying; travel; turning an enemy into a friend.

Bright side of the Gemini Moon: Good for-
-fasting (Daniel fast); meditating, praying, self-reflection;
-reinventing yourself;
-dealings with money, men, doctors and lovers;
-reunions such as the mother-and-child reunion or to reunite with a departed lover;
-healing yourself and your relationships;
-medical treatments and healing;
-moving and changing;
-travelling and exploring;
-getting rid of the old and the ugly;
-giving assholes the boot;
-getting rid of bugs;
-lighting up the room with your presence;
-"starting over again" in projects, relationships, etc.;
-starting building work;
-gardening and agriculture;
-requiring imagination & innovation;
-buying cars & homes;
-dealing with children and education;
-giving donations; 
-worship of the Divine Mother Goddess.
A time for enjoying life's simple pleasures. 

Dark side of Gemini Moon:
May have trouble concentrating. Travelling may cause stress. Not good for borrowing /lending money; legal activities or other activities requiring pushiness or conflict.
Guard against: dog bites, drowning, malevolent effects of water, terrorism, violence, opposition, hostility, extreme aggression, head banging. Storms and floods.

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