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Friday, 6 January 2017

Neptune, Venus and Mars: Soulmates

Drawing by Angel Crystal Kriel.

Cast a love spell, especially on a Friday (Venus day).

Neptune, Venus and Mars are visiting the 24th celestial mansion of Healing Mind, Body and Soul.

picture taken 6/1/17

Neptune - positive - creative, romantic, psychic, spiritual, healing, water, liquids.
                 negative - alcoholism, substance abuse, selective attention, unrealistic, lies.

Venus - positive - love, beauty, money, creative.
             negative - severe weather patterns.

Mars - positive - action, passion, ambition, leadership.
            negative - anger, strife, fighting, war, fire.

24th  Celestial Mansion of Healing Water and Wishes Fulfillment: 
           positive - angels, travel, repair of structures and wishes coming true.
           negative - alcoholism, escapism, illness.

Neptune, Venus and Mars vibrate the healing energy of love. Soul Mates and Twin Flames are favorably starred. Visualize and meditate on your wishes concerning love and romance.  Be creative in your visualization.  Any wish made now is likely to come true.

Unfortunately this is also the mansion of abandoning dreams and of escapism. Alcohol or substance abuse will lead to broken relationships. Passion can turn into anger, frustration and violence.
Alleviate frustration and aggression through exercise (Mars) and abstain from alcohol (Saturn). Because the Saturn connection, Neptune can be seen as dream, lie or unrealistic. Saturn is the rude awakening. Unveiling secrets and seeing through the fog and veil. Dreams and wishes can come true if clear boundaries are set and through abstaining from alcohol and substance abuse.

Legions of Angels are available now. Ask them to protect you and your loved ones! Affirm: 'Legions of Angels surround and protect me and my loved ones'.

Doreen Virtue