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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

March New Moon in Pegasus: Step into Magic

This new moon, falls under the happy feet of Pegasus, the winged divine white stallion. Pegasus lies in the star sign constellation of Pisces.

This new moon brings happy surprises, love and goodwill. Psychic and healing energy is at an all time high. In September, when the Moon is full under Pegasus, it is also known as 'Rabbit Moon'. This morning I spotted two rabbits crossing the road near Delta Park, a white one and a black one. We also had to walk the dogs a longer way to avoid a swamp.

On Friday, 24th March, I went for a pedicure. Feet fall under this constellation.

On Saturday night, 25th March, I was pleasantly surprised when an ordinary meal at a Greek restaurant turned into a spectacular event. To celebrate Greece's independence day, Belly dancers graced the floor to amaze us with fire and sword dancing. A man walked around with a huge amount of beautifully colored roses for sale. Later 'Zorba the Greek' lured people onto the dance floor. Greek dancing, plate throwing and great excitement filled the evening that was meant to be a quiet dinner for two. What a pleasant and happy surprise under the happy feet of Pegasus!

This new moon occurs in the celestial mansion Of the Water-Dragon (Uttara Bhadra-Pada). During the new moon, the Sun and the Moon lie together. Thus the sun and moon are presently in the celestial mansion of the Water-Dragon. Pegasus lies in the constellation of Pisces. Pisces rules the natural 12th house of the zodiac which rules: the South-East, secrets, hidden things, hidden talent, psychic and healing ability, luck, magic, miracles, mysticism, mysteries, secrets, surprises, favors, gains, increase, foreigners, foreign countries, love, goodwill, feet, knees, left eye, left ear and swamps.