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Thursday, 27 July 2017

Lammas / Lakshmi / Red String: 1 to 4 August

 August Full Moon falls in the Celestial Mansion of Music (ox or dolphin)

Full Moon in the celestial mansion of the Ox or Dolphin. Ruled by the 8 Immortals, solar gods of fire, light and energy. These deities give abundance and wealth. Do spells for Abundance and Prosperity.

Lucky Gemstones: Garnet and Ruby set in gold for luck and money.

Vara-Lakshmi who bestows 8 kinds of  luck and bestows blessings:  Wealth, Earth, Learning, Love, Fame, Peace, Pleasure and Strength. This celebration is observed on the Friday before the Full Moon in the Hindu month of Shravana (July / August). Lakshmi blesses Sheela (women) who fast on Fridays.

Goddess is all about defeating the evil and bad habits in your life and replacing them with better ones. Divine protection and the victory of good over evil. How to honor the Goddess: fast, pray, meditate, self-care, dancing and give your cat a special treat.

Lammas: Celebrated on the 1st of August, make your wish list on a red paper. Lammas (Cornucopia, horn of plenty) is a blessed time that holds the promised of continued good fortune. Celebrate abundance, reaping the harvest and generosity. Lammas is a time to give thanks for all the blessings you have already received. Place cookies; fruit and red and yellow flowers in your kitchen. Burn three candles (red. yellow and gold) on your stove for Brigid the Fire Goddess who overseas cooking. Make a wish list and ask the universe to make it manifest in a way that you have no doubt that it comes from a higher power. Lammas or Lughnasadh is a time to bless bread and fruit and in so doing we bless our future prosperity. This is also a good time to honor and display arts, crafts and dolphins. Dance, have fun and send up red helium balloons with your wishes written on them.

Colors: Red, Yellow and Gold - for strength, courage, royalty and wealth.

International Cat Day: 8 August (8 / 8)

In Egypt she is Bastet.
In India she is Durga.
As a Superstar she is Cat-woman.
At Home - Cat.
In Japan - Maneki Niko.

The prophet Mohammed said if you feed a stray cat you will surely go to heaven.

Black cats: protect you and break evil.
White cats: soldiers and security guards.
Grey: recognize the aliens around you, warning you against evil.
Ginger: bringer of luck.

Durga cuts away ignorance / darkness and replace it with light / knowledge; helps you to recognize enemies and defeat your demons. Honor Durga by fasting every day until 5 pm.

Red String Time (Lakshmi / Durga / Banda-Raksha / Rachelle / Kaballah): Cut a red string that will be long enough to fit around your wrist. Tie 7 knots in the string. For every knot you make a wish or say a prayer. Keep the red string on as long as possible. Try to keep it on until next year the same time. If it breaks off before the time tie it around a tree. The scarlet string is mentioned in Genesis chapter 38 verse 28. The custom originates from the Hindu Kavala (Kabbalah). It makes its wearer lucky and divinely protected. Men and single females wear it on the right wrist and married women on the left. It is tied to the wrist during the full moon in August (Shravana Purnima). Lunar month of Shravana.

In China and Japan it is called the 'red string of fate' and will attract love and a soul mate.

Oshun: African Goddess of Wealth

Southern Hemisphere Lammas:
Some writers suggest that all the celebrations should be turned around for the Southern Hemisphere and that during Lammas we should celebrate Imbolc. Religious / Spiritual celebrations are universal and cannot be turned around for the simple fact that they are based on the movement of the planets and not on the seasons.

These festivals are based on the movement of the planets.
     A study or research in Astro-theology clearly reveals this.

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