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Friday, 4 August 2017

August Full Moon of OBA, Goddess of Listening and Learninng

Image of OBA by Claudia Krindges.

On 7 August 2017 we have a full moon eclipse which is very sacred to Oba, the African goddess of ears, footprints, swift movement, flexibility, time and space.  Like the eclipse Oba hides her ear. 

The Africans believe that this Full Moon brings great new opportunities to improve your luck.

Oba was the first wife of Shango (god of thunder). However he was smitten with his mistress Oshun, because she was a better cook. Believing that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, Oba took the advise of her jealous rival Oshun to feed Shango a part of her body to enchant him. Oba cut of her ear and fed it to Shango in his stew. When Shango saw her ear, he was furious and banned her from his kingdom because she had deformed herself in an attempt to bewitch him. 

Oba aids with protection, manifestation, restoration, movement and flexibility. This Full Moon also gives good health, good spouse, good luck and good karma. We can achieve this by giving of ourselves and being helpful to others.

Saint Catherine (Catholic tradition) is equated with Oba, as she was banned from a kingdom after she refused to become the Emperor's mistress. She martyred herself in aid of others.

In Hindu tradition, this Full Moon is ruled by Vishnu, the preserver of the universe. Lord Vishnu is all pervasive, everywhere, awareness, perception and consciousness. He transcends time and space. Be present, be in the (k)now.  Lord Vishnu is about movement and transforming information in such a way that we learn from it. Vishnu's Consort is Lakshmi who blesses Sheela (women). The lucky gemstones are red garnet and ruby set in gold. The number is 8, for eternity.

Ascended Master that rules: Vishnu, the preserver of the universe.

Oba's Ear represents listening and learning.

Listen (ear): Oba's cut off ear symbolizes listening. But listen with discernment, read between the lines, and take whatever you hear from where it comes. Don't lend your ears out. Make sure your information comes from a reliable source. Learn from past mistakes. Be wise!

Full Moon of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: This full moon promises an end to a cycle of bad luck, bad karma, bad situations and illness. Make an effort to release the past and those who no longer serve your life's purpose. Projection is the defense mechanism (Freud) used the most. Be careful that people don't project their issues on you and vise versa. Watch what you blame others for and rather take responsibility for what goes wrong in your life. Rise up and reclaim your power, like the phoenix rising from the ashes!

Psychics / Psychologists / Counselors - can serve you well now as they will be able to listen and gain insight into your problems.

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