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Sunday, 20 August 2017

August New Moon of the Ancestors

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The Mask represents the Spirits of our Ancestors.

My Ancestors are always with me, I am never alone.
I walk with their strength and power backing me.
I am driven to succeed!

The Moon and the Sun lie together in Regulus, the heart of the lion. This is the celestial palace of rulers, kings and our forefathers. Like the Catholic Saints, the Ancestors can intercede for us for blessings and manifestation of our desires. What did we learn from our ancestors? Always communicate with a Higher Power. Ritual and belief are the foundations of creative energy. Whatever it is you need to create right now will manifest through ritual, prayer and inner strength.

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According to the Yoruba of Nigeria, the journey of our destiny is guided by our Higher Self or Ori. It is important to know and find and strengthen yourself; and to focus on your values and ideals. The universe is within you, go within, increase your awareness and listen to your intuition. Dreams and visions give guidance. Past life regression is now possible.

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Because this New Moon is also a solar eclipse, there is a need for space clearing, renewal and for replacing fear with faith. An eclipse tends to block our vision or mislead us. 

A good prayer during this time: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change: the courage to change the things I can change; and the wisdom to know the difference.

Regulus is the house of leading and guiding. Because Regulus is the heart of the Lion, we need to open our hearts, lead from love and goodwill;  and realize that we need to embrace those who make us and those close to us happy.

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In Catholic tradition, we meditate on Saint Joseph for protection, guidance and inner strength. We ask for his powerful intercession for divine blessings, strength and wisdom.

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8 of pentacles: Hanson-Roberts Tarot.
The Lord of Prudence: wisdom to lead with discipline, diligence, drive and devotion.

7 of Rods: Hanson-Roberts Tarot.
Leading with courage and from higher moral ground.
Mars in Leo gives the will and determination to fight for our heart's desire.

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image saved from Doreen Virtue cards.

Hilarion is an Ascended Master from the Green 5th Ray of the Heart.
Call on him for matters concerning your health and healing. 
Leo rules the heart and the 5th house of the Zodiac.


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