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Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Mabon: September Equinox

Wishing you a Blessed Mabon
The equinox is a great time for love and for restoring balance.

Painting by Dorina Costras.

The Equinox is a time of finding balance and equilibrium when day and night are equal. Today we experience the yin and yang energy vibration as there is a balance between: day and night, light and darkness, male and female, white and black, etc. 'Equinox' is derived from Latin, meaning 'equal night'. We are also reminded to find balance in our own lives.

Tarot Card: 2 of Swords: Balance Restored.

Ways to Celebrate Mabon:Feed the Birds Feed the Dreams. 
-Feed the Birds to feed your dreams.
-Write a wish list.
-Write your wishes on red helium balloons and let it float into the sky.

The South African Spring Equinox (Mabon) brings Strawberries, Watermelons and Romance !
It is a time of fairies and dreams and rekindling of love and hope.

It is considered a good time for love and marriage. Live with an attitude of gratitude. Share your good fortune. It is a time to honor new life.

Decorate your dining room or kitchen with flowers, fruit and sweets. Burn red candles.

Colors: Red and Pink.

Flowers: Jasmine and Red Roses.

Spring Equinox is one of the four great solar festivals of the year. Day and night are equal, poised and balanced, but about to tip over on the side of light. Spring Equinox is sacred to dawn, youth and the morning star. It vibrates with the energy of the east and the element of wood. It resonates to the numbers 3 and 4.  During the Spring / Autumn Equinox the light of day and the dark of night are equal. This energy brings opportunity to balance and embrace all parts of yourself as you let go of any barriers and obstacles that have been holding you back from your happiness. The Sun brightens our outer world and the night reflects the feelings of our inner world. Dance to the rhythm of its magical beat.

Become Aware of the power of choice:
1. Choose your thoughts carefully, because thoughts become things. What you think about you bring about. We are not at the mercy of fate. We are powerful co-creators of our destiny.
2. Choose how you respond to the people and circumstances in your life. We cannot change others or a situation, but we can change the way we look at things.
3. Choose your words carefully. The tongue holds the power of life and death. Words cast spells, that is why it is called spell-casting.

Things that are out of balance are being brought into focus now. This calls for a realignment with higher energy vibration and a more enlightened and receptive approach to life. It brings about awareness that we have the potential to co-create a more joyful and fulfilling life guided by the energy of love. Find inner balance and harmony by softening your heart, mind and perceptions. Focus on the areas of your life that are in need of re-alignment. Focus your energy on creating joy in your life. Follow you heart and be blessed with bliss.

Bless those areas of your life that are stuck or out of control, and use the current energy of self-empowerment and love to restore balance and happiness.

We are living in a time of transformation. Changes occur at a tremendous speed. For example you may buy the latest cellular phone today and in a week's time they bring out something even better. The great thing about this is that opportunities abound. Be open and receptive and move with life's fast moving flow. Our thoughts also manifest quicker because of the thinning ozone layer, which puts us in direct alignment with the astral plane.

The Wholeness of the World is Love.

saved from /astrology wallpaper

Southern Hemisphere Mabon:
*Some writers suggest that all the celebrations should be turned around for the Southern Hemisphere and that during Mabon we should celebrate Ostara (Easter). Spiritual celebrations are universal and cannot be turned around for the simple fact that they are based on the movement and placement of the planets and not on the seasons.

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