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Monday, 18 December 2017

December New Moon in the Galactic Center

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Galactic Center in Sagittarius: The Root; innermost core; DNA; the left side.
Marker Star: Shaula.
Galactic Center.
Symbol: Bunch of roots tied together; a lion's tail; elephant's head; Tiger's eye.
Divine Celestial Guardian: Nirritri, Goddess of  Destruction and Ganesha, Remover of Obstacles.
Ruling planet: Ketu (headless dragon).
Element: Earth
Enhanced Energy: Getting to the root of things.
Direction: South-West.
Lucky Color: Turquoise and Cat's Eye.
Lucky numbers:  Main number is 19. The number of the Sun. Also 3; 12; 21; 30.
Metal: Lead.
Sound: Prayer.
Animal: Male dog.
Birds: Cock - don't eat chicken to avoid bad luck.
Tree: Pine Tree.
For Luck: Wear red and yellow. Nurture plants and animals.
Galactic Center Key Words: Foreign places; creative; fame; fortune; cars; travel; meditation.

The Illusionist
Hidden / What lies beneath the surface. 
Likes to be the center of attraction, in the limelight.

The influence of the Galactic Center suggests that a part of one's divine consciousness still hearkens back to a previous incarnation, not on Earth, but in the sacred-but-terrifying world of the Galactic Sun." 

These people always search for meaning to life. Make good researchers, detectives,  psychics, spies, miners, dentists, philosophers, healers, psychics etc. They dig deep to get to the root of things and then tie the loose ends together. DNA = tied roots. Have deep rooted issues from childhood and past lives. 

Examining the root cause of problems; gains success by moving out or destroying the old ways and making satisfying improvements for a fulfilling future. (Levacy, p229).

Protective Gemstone

18 December 2017
As can be seen from the sky picture taken this morning, several planets lie close to the galactic center at the moment.  These include Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn.

The placement of these stars urge us to think positive thoughts regardless of how negative things may appear. During this time mechanical issues and pets may come to the fore. A time to re-evaluate relationships and walk away from those that no longer serve you. Guard against self-abuse and self-destructive behavior which may lead to lowered vitality.

Tarot Cards that rule this celestial space are:

10 of Wands: increased responsibilities and feeling burdened.

2 of pentacles: Harmony in the midst of change. Giving and receiving.
image saved from Hansen-Roberts Tarot.