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Friday, 1 December 2017

December Super Full Moon & Pleiades Consciousness (Karthigai Deepam)

10-00 to 23-20 Taurus (sidereal) / 4-00 to 17-14 Gemini (tropical).

Please note : These Astrological Insights are based on Sidereal (Real Time) Astrology.

Super Full Moon in Aldebaran (3/12/17):  
The fixed star that rules this Super Full Moon,  is the Bull's Fiery Eye in Taurus. 
A Star of Violence and Victory. Aldebaran - The 'Royal Star'. Archangel Michael. Eloquence, honors, integrity, popularity, courage, international travel, war, mongering, agitation, danger, loss, violent death, earthquakes, storms at sea.

Chariot of Fire - moving forward and riding through obstacles and enemies to reach your goals.

Aldebaran loves the moon and bestows us with blessings, beauty and wealth during this time. The moon in Aldebaran (creative, beauty, wealth) is opposite the sun in Ophiuchus (deeper knowledge) and therefore we will be buying things that takes us deeper into expressing our creativeness and beauty. It opens a season of giving and receiving of gifts and finding hidden treasures. This is a time of Ascension and honoring values and beliefs. The Sun in Ophiuchus (Scorpio) opposite the Full Moon can make one feel vulnerable and uncertain and therefore latching onto something to believe in.

Hierophant Tarot Card:
This moon is ruled by the Hierophant or spiritual teacher who guides us through song and the spoken language. It is about money, possessions and values such as being spiritual and faithful. This card is about creative comforts and objects of beauty that represent spiritual treasures.

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Mercury Retrograde: The Good, the Bad and the Recreation.
Horror-scope: Mercury goes retrograde on the same day as the Super Full Moon and will go direct on the 22nd. This is a time during which we may question our beliefs. We may re-examine our words and how it comes back to us. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Mercury rules our thoughts, thinking and words. Think before you speak or act. Mercury retrograde messes with your mind and cause forgetfulness, irritation, frustration and mindless mistakes. Mercury retrograde is known for causing drama through travel and technological problems; miscommunication and misunderstandings. Check and question what is not working for you.  We may see things we missed or over-looked before and re-examine it. Review, reflect, renew and re-create. This is a good time for entertaining yourself and keeping yourself busy by being creative and spending time on beautifying yourself and your environment. Because Mercury is retrograde, don't mess with your hair.
Positive effects of Mercury Retrograde: A good time for introspection and for breaking bad habits. Because the start of the retrograde coincides with the Super Full Moon it is a good time to gain clarity. Intuition and creativeness are on an all time high. Call your psychic!

Karthigai Deepam: Pleiades Consciousness
2nd December - This is the Festival of Lights of the higher Pleiadian consciousness. Burn 8 candles, one in each direction, i.e North, NE, East, SE, South, SW, West, NW. This will burn away bad luck and bring good luck and abundance. Krittika (Pleiades) is the birthstar of Lord Kartikeya  (Murugan), Hindu Lord of War and Victory over evil and ignorance. Lord Karikeya was nurtured by the 7 sisters of the Pleiades.

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Follow your gut feeling; have fun; beautify yourself and your environment; give and receive joyfully; face your demons and emerge more beautiful and victoriously!


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