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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Chinese Horoscope for 2018

During the year of the Earth Dog, the veil between the material world and the other side (where departed souls go) is thin. The vortex is open to communicate with Angels and Ancestors. This is also an auspicious time to make a wish, visit a psychic and start new ventures. This is also a year to embrace love, friendship, dogs and loyal companions.

Abundantia: Honour the Angels and Ancestors for Abundance.

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The Year of the Dog means that Jupiter is visiting the Zodiac Constellation of Libra (sidereal) and in 2018 it lies near the fixed star Zubenelgenubi - Lover's Archway in Libra
Every Year has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. 
This year it is time to be romantic, loving, kind and assertive. The Archway for love and weddings. A good year for love and soul-mating. Powerful Prayer Year. Great Truths may reveal themselves. 
This year's warning is to guard against: loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge and criminality in general. Vibrate to the positive energy of being lovingly assertive and draw those positive energies into your life. Wear something red or earth colors for self-empowerment. 
I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain the universal energies at work, so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the planets and how they influence us here on earth.
Marker Star: Libra's South-Pan: Zubenelgenubi: Star of Purpose
20°00 Libra - 3°20' Scorpio (sidereal)   / 16° - 29°20' Scorpio (tropical)
'If Music be the Food of Love, play on' - 12th Night - Shakespeare.
Symbol: Triumph Arch - The Archway between this world and the other side (life and death). The Archway is also the wedding archway. The Libra Archway is also the reason why a kiss under an archway (doorway) is magical and seals love, and the reason why a marriage is only legal under a roof (archway).
Rules: Decorated Gateways, archways, potter-wheels, lions, dogs, gifts, balance, justice and relationships. It also rules cotton fields and nipples.
Ruled by: Jupiter, Indra (the Powerful) and Agni (Fire God). Extra care needs to be taken against fire this year.
Enhanced Energy: Love, balance, harmony, law, order and spirituality. Be courageous and follow your passion. Preparing a creative field to harvest the benefits within the proper time. 
The two main stars of this constellation are: 
1. Zubeneschamali, the north-pan of the Libra which means 'price received' (benevolent). 
2. Zubenelgenubi, the south-pan of Libra (claw of the scorpion) which means 'price to be paid' (malevolent). 
This describes the constant struggle between good (god) and evil (devil). 
Light Energy: A good year for being assertive.  When we are courageous and assertive it makes us powerful beyond measure.  It demands respect and builds strength of character.  It is a good time to get rid of all unwanted things.  Throw out all the old stuff and clothes that are no longer needed.  Put an end to bad habits and energy patterns that are no longer useful.   You may be called on to be the mediator between two parties who disagree.  You will have to take the scorpion by the claw, tell it as it is, address issues by the name and point out what is wrong and what is right.  Good for legal and medical advice. It is time to step up to your life's purpose without delay, hesitation or compromise. If you don't know your purpose, follow your passion, it will lead you straight to your life's purpose. This is a great year for L O V E, romance, flowers, chocolates, champagne, sushi and whatever it takes to spoil yourself. A good year to buy merchandise or stocks for later profit. 
Dark Energy: I see a bad moon rising: Double Trouble! Domestic violence, miscarriage of justice, psychotic killings! This is not a great year for travelling. Careful planning and safety precautions are advised.  This year also warns us against violence, crime, disgrace, disease and poison.
Manifest Magic and Miracles: Work for justice, fairness, balance, harmony, courage, strength and to sort out differences between people. Do love, romance and friendship spells and remember to include flowers, candles, champagne, chocolates, fragrance and rose quartz. Burn Camphor to form a protective smoke.
An earth year brings functional and practical aspirations. There should be a more grounded approach and effective planning, organizing and administration. Whatever resources are available will be put to optimum use and there will be a more wise and prudent approach to financial affairs.  More solid foundations will be orchestrated in industry, trade and government, with good and lasting results. 
The Full Moon Energy of the 1st and 2nd of January may influence 2018:

Have you been feeling a little teary lately or experienced unreasonable anger and stormy weather? 
The explanation can be found in the position of the stars that influence events on earth.
Moon (mother, emotions) is opposite the following planets: 
Sun (father, reason), Venus (love, beauty, money), Saturn (boundaries), Pluto (destruction). 
Add to this mix the mental turmoil and over-thinking of Mercury lying near Antares (heart of the Scorpio) making an aspect with Uranus (unexpected or erratic behavior / events). 
Mars (war), is visiting the Fire God in the Scales of Justice (Libra). So is Jupiter (enlarger, luck bringer, year ruler).  Storms, fire, murder, anger, misunderstandings, mishaps and tears. Because there is a clear kite formation in the stars, there is an energy of aggressiveness and fate / destiny. The position of the planets during this full moon could  be an indication of what we can expect ahead this coming year.
The prevailing energy can  be used to advance and grow through creative imagination and visualization and to be a trendsetter. The movers and shakers of the world and those that are technological wizards will be lucky, grow and flourish. The market place and buying and selling will bring great financial gain. There are more Angels on Earth than ever before. Angel and animal communication and psychic visions will be enhanced by this energy. A great time to follow your gut feeling and visualize your goals.
The negative side is that the unconscious generational motivation of drug abuse and challenging death can have a huge impact on society. Other challenges will be dealing with waste, rubble and toxins. Fire, explosions, floods, rebellions and revolution will all be at the order of the day.
The way to overcome all these perils is through discipline, control and letting go of what no longer serves you. What can be created out of the destruction? The ultimate way is through gratitude. Counting your blessings instead of focusing on the negatives, attracts miracles into your life.
Remedies: don't take alcohol or eat late at night; drink lots of water; burn sandalwood incense; work hard and be organised.
Mantra to repeat 108 times: Om Rang Rahave Namah or Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha.
2018 will be a year of hard work, ritual, magic and miracles.
What 2018 holds for the different Lunar (Chinese) Signs:


A less pleasant year for the Rat.  Misfortunes will come in threes. May receive bad news while traveling and be unable to influence or change the course of things you do not like. You may worry a lot more than usual and feel unsettled in your mind.  Be patient and prudent. May receive an increase in income and a promotion. Attend work-related courses to gain the edge over others in your job. You may date a lot but it will be difficult to differentiate a sincere relationship from one that is not. Health-wise, you have to worry about minor ailments of the digestive system.


Problems appear bigger than they are. Pray and prosper. You should have a fairly good year and easily overcome obstacles.  Love and romance but may break up over trivial matters. Forced traveling and entertaining, which will need careful planning. You may find yourself leaving the finer details of planning to others.


A year in which you are protected from serious danger. Will have to work hard for success and will feel tired or lonely from having to toe the line. Still, luck favors you and you as influential people will support you in your plans. Excellent career prospects. Take precautions against injuries to the head, spine and limbs.


A smooth year. Will make some gains and straighten out past problems. Finds time for recreation and will have no family problems. Career-wise, may be criticized by superiors or hampered in some way by associates. Travelling and visiting family. Love, romance and marriage.


Unexpected problems arise from nowhere and plans go awry. Don't let people distract you from your goals with their glittering promises. All that glitters is not gold. Stick to the well trodden path. A time in which to try your best to avoid confrontation with enemies or those who do not agree with your views. You could relieve tension by changing your environment or dealing through trusted associates. Will find this year physically and mentally draining. Particularly frustrating is the disappointing end results despite the efforts you put in. Be tolerant at work and don't change jobs.


Good opportunities present themselves. An excellent time to launch new ideas although there may be minor health problems or theft. A good time to entertain and travel.  A stable year in which you can push ahead with personal plans. Health concerns may include insomnia, exhaustion and ailments of the digestive system.


A good year to learn new things or seek a new job. Important people will notice you. A lawsuit in the family or the departure of a loved one.  A good year to focus on health and nutrition. Harmony brings prosperity.  Health-wise, watch out for problems with blood circulation and heart ailments.


You may have to deal with unhappy changes, debts, or family problems.  Not a good time for you to travel or make investments or long-term commitments. Be optimistic but conservative in your outlook. Underneath this seemingly lucky year for the Goat lies danger. However, you can overcome any crisis you may face by keeping a check on yourself.  Your luck will turn better too.  True love may come your way. You will be generally healthy apart from minor respiratory ailments.


Plans go awry and people break their promises. You may suffer losses through investments and should not lend out money. A year in which you will discover who your real friends are. Disappointments will make you realize where and how you went wrong.  Be conservative and on your guard. Be warned of the many obstacles you will encounter.  As far as possible, try not to get involved in matters that do not concern you at all to prevent trouble and losses. Avoid visiting the sick or attending funerals. Health-wise take precaution against ailments of the digestive and respiratory system. Drive carefully.


A good year for you as lost power will be restored. Travel and much entertaining. Great gains and minimal losses. Love comes easily but may be clouded by secret unhappiness or brooding. Watch out for ailments of the heart and blood circulation.


A protected year. Problems and health upsets are few and you will be able to increase your knowledge, spend time for study or meditation or regain lost credibility. You will achieve in your career but no large profits or return on investment. To avert disasters, be extra careful in what you do. Two major problems you may face are illness or injuries and falling out with your partner over trivialities. Your love life is full of setbacks and obstacles. Health is not your strong point this year. Take precaution against ailments of the urinary tract and watch out for road accidents.


You will be disappointed if you expect too much. Difficulties arise from many directions and could be the result of past neglect, miscalculations or errors in judgment. Be careful where you place your confidence and make constructive use of criticism. Might go into a joint venture with a relative. Make sure both parties sign a contract with clearly-defined terms and conditions. Any form of investment should reap good results. Health-wise, watch out for neurasthenia and chronic diseases.


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