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Saturday, 17 March 2018

March New Moon in Pegasus

The Celestial Mansion of planes, trains, buses, ships, cars, horses, travel and money.
Negative: fire, firearms, stabs, drowning, deceit, theft and torturing.

The New Moon today, 17 March 2018, falls under Markab in Pegasus. It acts like Jupiter in Pisces.
Jupiter makes exaggerates and makes things larger. Pisces rules the feet, intuition and understanding. It deals with the underworld, sex, foreigners, and self-sacrifice for a good cause. This is also a time to let go of things that have caused you pain in the past because of Chiron (the wounded healer asteroid) lying here with the Sun and the Moon.

With the New Moon here it emphasizes kindness, love and favors. On the negative side it can cause acts of disgrace and exposing deceitful, wicked people. People fighting for a higher cause. This mansion is also known as the lower snake and has a connection with Saint Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland after a 40 day fast. It rules the southeast side of a house, feet and the left thigh. The Happy Feet mansion.

This Celestial Mansion is represented by the 9 and 10 of Cups in the Tarot Cards. The 9 of Cups is known as the 'wish card' because your dearest wishes can come true. It is also known as the Lord of Material Happiness. The Golden Dawn describes the 10 of Cups as the Lord of perfected Success.

Spread your little wings, and fly away - Queen.

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The Sun moves through the Pegasus Celestial Mansion between 4 and 17 March.
During the New Moon the Sun and Moon fall together in the same mansion.

Marker Stars: Markab (Alpha Pegasi) and Sheat (Beta Pegasi): Luck, honors, riches, intuition, enthusiasm. Happy feet, dragon-carp. Negative: bad judgment, feeling disconnected.

Sun 4 March: 19 Aquarius (sidereal) / 13 Pisces (tropical).
Productive, spiritual, erratic.
Antonio Vivaldi (1678).
Color: Reseda.  Lucky Numbers: 4, 13, 22.

Sun 5 March: 20 Aquarius (sidereal) / 14 Pisces (tropical).
Charismatic, smart, funny, neurotic.
Eddy Grant (1948); Andy Gibb (1958).
Lucky numbers: 7, 5, 14, 50.  Lucky color: Blue Light.

Sun 6 March: 21 Aquarius (sidereal) / 15 Pisces (tropical).
Attractive, sensual, perceptive.
Michelangelo (1475).
Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 33.  Lucky color: Pastel Lavender.

Sun 7 March: 22 Aquarius (sidereal) / 16 Pisces (tropical).
Artistic, innovative, flirty, sensual, sexual, sensitive.
E.L James (1963).
Lucky numbers: 7, 16, 25, 70.  Lucky color: Dawn Pink.

Sun 8 March: 23 Aquarius (sidereal) / 17 Pisces (tropical).
Spiritual, productive, hypnotic, charismatic, uncompromising.
Kathy Ireland (1963).
Lucky numbers: 8, 26, 35, 44.  Lucky color: Mauve Mist.

Sun 9 March: 24 Aquarius (sidereal) / 18 Pisces (tropical).
Unique, amorous, eager, feisty, intelligent.
Bobby Fischer (1943).
Lucky numbers:

Sun 10 March: 25 Aquarius (sidereal) / 19 Pisces (tropical).
Talented, active, attractive, kind.
Chuck Norris (1940); Sharon Stone (1958).
Lucky numbers: 1, 10, 11.  Lucky Color: Mellow Green.

Sun 11 March: 26 Aquarius (sidereal) / 20 Pisces (tropical).
Focused, talented, instinctive, resourceful.
Rupert Murdoch (1931).
Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 22. Lucky color: Winter Sky.

Sun 12 March: 27 Aquarius (sidereal) / 21 Pisces (tropical).
Eccentric, expressive, communicative.
Liza Minnelli (1946).
Lucky numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30.  Lucky Color: Almost Apricot.

Sun 13 March: 28 Aquarius (sidereal) / 22 Pisces (tropical).
Visionary, magical, unconventional.
Neil Sedaka (1939).
Uranus was discovered on this day by the German astronomer Herschel.
Lucky numbers: 4, 13, 22.  Lucky color: Pastel Green.

Sun 14 March: 29 Aquarius (sidereal) / 23 Pisces (tropical).
Vivacious, charming, original, brilliant, fast.
Albert Einstein (1879).
Lucky numbers: 5, 14, 23, 50.  Lucky color: Misty Lilac.

Sun 15 March:  00 Pisces (sidereal) / 24 Pisces (tropical).
Captivating, smart, sensual, hectic.
Saint Nicholas.
Lucky numbers 6, 15, 33, 42.

Sun 16 March: 01 Pisces (sidereal) / 25 Pisces (tropical).
Dreamy, helpful, fearless, curator, charitable.
Jerry Lewis (1926).
Lucky numbers: 7, 34, 70.  Lucky color: Thistle.

Sun 17 March: 02 Pisces (sidereal) / 26 Pisces (tropical).
Exciting, expressive, seductive, powerful.
Nat King Cole (1919), Kurt Russell (1951), Rob Lowe (1964).
Lucky numbers: 8, 17, 35, 44.  Lucky color: Violet Tulle.

Pegasus: Fortunate Rain of Angels.

Every Celestial Mansion vibrates its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. This mansion is good for self-care and for attracting wealth and friends. A time of weather changes especially when planets touch gamma Pisces (Circlet of Pisces).  The warnings during this time are against accidents, cuts and bad judgement. Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear white and/or blue  for self-empowerment. A very fortunate time for aviation, astrology, visions and psychic ability.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the planets that influence earth. I put pictures of their path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.

Marker Star: Markab, Achernat, Scheat

Spreading Forth: Birth place of Angels, Saints and Sages.

Symbols: feet (understanding); ox (strength); carp (luck); fire dragon; sunlight (sky and light).

Governs: Airplanes, cars, wheels, travel, foreigners and far away places.

Numbers: 3, 7, 11, 25.

This mansion squares Pholus (key to Neptune). This highlights where we have unusual abilities. It also marks radical and unexpected change. It causes a process where a small event setts off a chain reaction. Events from the past may make us suspicious about current events. Think carefully before you jump the gun and go on a wild goose chase. This position lies between Neptune and Uranus, prompting us to guard impulse control behavior. Guard against reacting to illusion created by subconscious fear and previous patterning. 

If we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. Wayne Dyer.

Alpheratz is Andromeda's head.

Ruled by: 
*Jupiter - teacher of the science of light, sky, astrology, astronomy.
*Lotus Feet of Luxmi / Buddha..

When a planet is in Pegasus it is a good time for self-care and especially a pedicure. Go for a long walks or bicycle rides in nature. Research to increase your knowledge and share your wisdom. Instead of thinking 'beware', think 'be aware'. Focus your attention on whatever you want to accomplish. Pegasus symbolize the wise counselor. Esoteric, spiritual, psychic, promoting love and light. Pegasus reminds us to spread our wings and fly - the sky is the limit. Reach for and focus on your dreams and they will manifest. A good time for teaching, travelling and teleporting. 

 Step into Magic:
Work on increasing intuition and spirituality. This is a good time for sending messages and e-mails. Contacting people telepathically will now be easy. Contacting people over a distance. A good time to travel and for social interactions. Good for repairing buildings and protecting orchards and crops. Good for finding courage and new solutions to old problems. Because this mansion falls in the month of March, which is ruled by Mars the planet of war, we should avoid acting in an irritated manner. Meditate and exercise to channel excess energy and frustration.

Pegaseans: They brought us teleportation, telekinesis, telepathy, telephones, telegraphs, telegrams, internet, airplanes, space shuttles - fast and effective ways of travelling and communicating.
Teleportation ... close your eyes. Imagine that you can teleport anywhere within this space-time continuum. Where would you go? What would you do? Who will you be with? Can you vibrate to that kind of frequency? 
Teaching -Like Anna, Pegasians are world-travellers and natural born educators who believe they can change the world through teaching. 

Pegaseans can get lost in the esoteric world. They know you can never be an expert at anything because you always have to learn more in this ever changing and evolving world, where multi-disciplinary has to be changed to interdisciplinary thought. That's why they say 'I practice law'; and  'I practice Astrology'. Pegasians get so consumed in their thoughts that they can get lost in the abyss of their own world of thinking. They can be romantic (in their mind) and make good authors, counselors, psychics, astrologers and research scientists.

As a child Pegaseans cannot fully enjoy mom's attention as she is working. They like reading and make a good judge of character. They are highly strung, nervous and mentally tensed up. They arrive at conclusions through logical thinking. They have pleasing personalities and love nature and children and may trade in toys and sweets. They also make good chemists or medical practitioners. They are blessed, gracious, friendly and pleasant. They are auspicious, fortunate, prosperous, skillful and happy-go-lucky. They are blessed with beauty and have beautiful eyes. They may suffer from acidity, diabetes, gastric problems, ear-nose-throat problems and problems with their feet. They love food and make voracious eaters and need to watch their weight. They suffer a lot mentally because they take even small confrontations and problems to heart. They are not very particular about the way they dress. They don't follow a particular religion but prefer a spiritual and integrative approach and are always open to new ideas. They will accumulate wealth and are always ready to render a helping hand, although they are not always appreciated. They are born intelligent and can shine everywhere. They receive unexpected gains and favors. They get so caught up in their own world that they may neglect to do mundane things such as paying the bills. The trick is to find the balance between the esoteric and the mundane in order that we may fly. Between 24 and 33 they make remarkable progress. They will be well-known after 37. The age of 37 is a pivotal point in their lives.  Between 40 and 55 are their golden years when they will establish themselves fully. They shine in business, teaching, astrology and astronomy.

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Archangels / Ascended Masters:
Green Dragon Angel (Jupiter): Symbol of this mansion. Call on the Green Dragon Angel for financial assistance. Affirm: Artemis, Darius bring abundance my way. My dreams shall come true come what may. The Green Dragon comes over the land, he takes away my debt and puts cash in my hand. The Green Dragon comes over the sea, he brings prosperity and abundance to me.

Brihaspathi (Jupiter / Guru): wise teacher, sage, counselor.
Arcangel Zadkiel: Angel of Mercy - Praise the Lord (Law), His mercy endures forever.

Lunar Zodiac: Earth is surrounded by the Zodiac band of 360 degrees.  The zodiac band is divided into 27 sections (mansions or constellations) of 13.3...degrees.  Whenever a planet moves through these mansions they radiate the energy of the particular mansion they are visiting.  These energy vibrations influence us on a subconscious level.  The Moon completes its wobbly trajectory around the earth in 27.32 days (a sidereal month).  The moon moves about 13.3... degrees into the next mansion each day.  The Moon is the closest planet (satellite) to earth and exerts the most energy on us (evident in the tides of the ocean).  Each individual will experience the daily energy in a different way as we are all unique.  For example if the energy involves travelling, one person might travel to another country while another may just travel a bit more than usual.  Pathological behaviour has been attributed to the moon, thus the term luna-tic.  Instead of reacting to this energy, it can be harnessed to benefit us in a positive way.  Take note of how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and use it to your advantage.  Each of these 27 (2 + 7 = 9) mansion are divided into 4 quadrants. 27 x 4 gives 108 prayer beads. 108 Holy Names, 108 prayers, 108 repititions. 108 = 1 + 8 = 9 the powerful and magic number. Add any multiple of 9 and you will still get 9

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