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Sunday, 29 April 2018

May 1: Beltane: Celebration of Love and Fertility

Venus (love) and Mercury (magic) rule at this time, which means this is the perfect time for love magic. Dancing the May (phallic) pole, lighting candles, colorful ribbons and balloons, all add to the magic. Contact me to help you perform your magic ♥ Love and Light. The Full Moon around this time is in Libra (lovers).

The sky photo shows where the planets are located today. If you were born on 1 May this is where the  sun was placed at your birth.

Lucky numbers: 1, 11, 22
Lucky colors: gold, red, emerald and lime green.
Lucky stones: Azurite and Emerald
Lucky flower: sunflower
If you were born on 1 May you are an Aries ruled by the Sun and with a Sunny disposition. You are insightful, calm, tolerant and witty. You share a birthday with Rita Coolidge. Her song 'All time high' typifies today's energy.

Full Moon in Libra (pink moon) is the time to celebrate Beltane and Hanuman. The Sun visits Aries, between between the phallic and womb symbols (fertility). The Moon is in Libra, the house of marriage, relationships and love. It is a celebration of fertility (seeds spread by the wind) and creativity. It is about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Male symbols. It is a celebration of love, sex, birth, rebirth and transformation. For simplicity and conformity Beltane is celebrated on 1 May. This occasion is celebrated with bright colors and dancing around the Maypole, a phallic symbol with bright flowers on top and bright ribbons around it. Colorful balloons can also be send adrift into this sky that promises new life.

Hanuman: archetype of immense power and strength. He is the incarnation of Shiva, son of the wind and the mountain. He has the power to control the planets. Make a connection with this archetype on the Libra Full Moon by wearing red and fasting.  Saturn respects Hanuman. Fast today to remove obstacles and limitations imposed by Saturn. It took Hanuman 60 days (60 moons of Saturn) to learn all there is to know from the Sun, while flying backwards. Hanuman is alive and living among us. He is a shape-shifter (son of the wind). That means he can appear to you in any form. He can move mountains for you. Connect with the Archetype of Hanuman (60 feet tall) to bring love to you. Libra is governed by Venus. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Shape-shifting (bringing about divine change in your life) is made possible through self-sacrifice (fasting). Satur(n)days are good for connecting with Hanuman. There are 60 foot statues of Hanuman in Singapore, India and China. Hanuman flew to Shrilanka to fetch Sita to unite her with Rama and he moved mountains. Hanuman is powerful and blessed and can bestow the same on you. Hanuman wanted to swallow the Sun but Rahu (north-node) objected as he (Rahu) is the only one allowed to eclipse the Sun.

The Sun today is in Menkar: Galaxy of The Great Big Fish Whale

Today the moon is visiting the celestial mansion of Cetus, the Killer Whale of Aries.

Marker Star: Menkar in Cetis : the receptive / the bearer / the womb :
23 13 Aries - 5 55' Taurus (sidereal)
9° 20' - 22° 40' Taurus (tropical)

The Chinese calls it the Fourth Star of Yin Force.
 'Bearing Star' or 'Star of Restraint'.

Every Day has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. For example today is good for art, beauty and being spontaneous and optimistic. Good for spending time alone in quiet contemplation in order to gain insight. Warnings today are against misunderstandings in romance and deep unconscious issues that may resurface. What was hidden will be exposed. Strong warning against accidents at sea and with water.

Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear blue or purple for self-empowerment today. 

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence earth. I put pictures of the moon's path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.

Moon trine Sun today - find inner peace and balance. Work on clearing up any misunderstandings with others. The Sun connects with your will today so work on manifesting your desires. Give in order to receive.

                                                Galaxy Rulers:
Saturn - teaches endurance, desensitization and detachment through impediments, worries and enemies. Rules mysticism and magic.
Pluto - control, underworld, death, transformation, endings, conclusions, hidden secrets.

Symbols: vulva and the womb (the female organ of reproduction).

1. God sent a monster whale to destroy a ship in a storm. Jonah was thrown overboard as a sacrifice to save the crew. The whale swallowed Jonah whole and spat him out after three days. The people of Nineveh then declared a 40 day fast.
2. Poseidon (Neptune) sent a monster whale to destroy the land of Aithiopia as punishment for the Queen boasting that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the nymphs (Nereides). Andromeda was then chained up to be eaten by the whale as a sacrifice to save the people.
3. Joseph the dreamer was thrown into a dark pit - became psychic.
4. Being lowered into the grave and then resurrected.

Energy Vibration: returning to a calm place.

Numbers: 2, 11.

Birthdays:  April 27 to May 10.

What the Whale Moon Mansion means to us:
*Time for returning to a calm place. Make time to spend quietly on your own to reflect and find answers from your inner wisdom. A stroll in the park or a visit to botanical gardens will sooth the soul.
*Off with the old and on with the new. It is a good time to let go of that which is no longer needed. It could mean a physical burial (funeral); destroying something that is no longer needed; demolishing old buildings; or putting an end to a bad relationship. Bury or put an end to outworn modes of operating and things that no longer serve you.
*Zen Masters believed that in order to gain something we have to sacrifice something. Spiritually this could mean fasting or giving up on something you do or eat, for example don't eat meat for the day.
*Today is also a good day to consult with a counselor, psychologist, fortune-teller or adviser as they will be more empathetic with an enhanced ability to 'take in' what you are feeling.

Spell work:
Good for spell work of a deceptive nature. Also good for fashioning pentacles, amulets and yantra's. Work on self-expression and creativity. A good day to buy and sell things but avoid the sea or driving in excessive rain. Good for mining; for digging canals, dams and wells and for finding hidden treasure and lost objects. A lucky mansion to start something new. Good for removing anger between people.

Dark Side of the Whale:
This mansion can be destructive, deceptive with dangers related to poison, burning, accidents and drowning. It can cause disgrace, disease, deatgm ruin, injury from animals, sickness and monetary loss. Can cause diseases of the throat and even suffocation. The widow maker. Can leave you feeling alone.

Tarot Card: 
Judgement - The constellation Cetus, the Whale or Great Fish, symbolize our journey from ignorance to spiritual enlightenment. The belly of the whale is the transforming womb that casts the newly reborn soul onto the solid ground of spiritual truth. The whale also represents the material world of our mortal selves and when the whale spits us out the immortal soul comes into being.  
The Judgement card of the tarot depicts the rebirth of six people being resurrected from their watery graves of death and ignorance. They, like Jonah, are hearing and being tested by the Word of God, symbolized by their response to the sound of the angel’s trumpet.

This can also indicate an actual birth when the baby is cast out from the womb into the world.

The main meaning is that of TRANSFORMATION. Being transformed from a dwarf to a the giant that lies within. Descending into waters of our subconscious mind brings about transformation. We descend and re-emerge with that great part of the self that we lost a long time ago. It is about travelling deep within the self to discover the greatness that lies within each and everyone of us. It is also about emotions buried deep within our consciousness - the slumbering beasts we dare not let surface. The whale symbolizes nurturing, emotional depth and creativity. Those who are influenced by Cetus energy are extremely sensitive and perceptive.

Killer Whale Galaxy: Bearer of New Life. The 'Bearing Star' or 'Star of Restraint'.

People influenced by this galactic mansion are intelligent and witty and love the fine things of life, but they can also be fanatical in their beliefs, which can lead to ups and downs in life. A person born under this influence is stable, honest, artistic and knowledgeable. They are frank in their opinions and don't twist the truth to please others. They are career minded and capable of rising to positions of authority. They are the first ones to try new things. Social reformers, activists and philosophers are prominent here. 
On the negative side they can be moody, reckless, cruel, ungrateful and like to gossip. They may suffer from a fear of water.  They suffer struggles, restraint and obstacles in life. Because the womb is so confining, they may suffer because of feeling restricted or confined. This may result in them feeling resentful and jealous of the good fortune of others. They may oppress others, or become freedom fighters.
Their facination with death may lead them to becoming morticians. The can be fanatical and intolerant of others who have different opinions. Sexually they can be excessive and indulgent. Their inner struggles lead to transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

The powerful Killer Whale galaxy falls under Aries which is ruled by Mars. It can be harsh in that it determines what deserves to be cultivated and preserved. This galaxy is concerned with the energy we use to maintain ourselves in the material world. This galaxy is also ruled by the angel of death which makes it formidable and fierce. Things can really heat up under its influence. This galaxy takes awy that which has reached its term of life to a new condition and that which is not meant for this world.  It indicates the movement of the soul away from the body. It conveys ideas pertaining to discipline and self-control. It is about being faithful,  firm, enduring, supporting, maintaining, nourishing, etc. This galaxy carries the negative influences of crime, murders, terrorism, etc. 
This mansion carries the energies of Pluto. It is about self-restrain and transformation. It is about the pain, obstacles and struggles we have to go through on our road to self-actualization or self-realization. Like Pluto it holds the mystery of life and death.  This is "the waters that carry things away". This refers to all the passage of souls to the other side when they die. This energy leads the dead to the other side. The energy of this galaxy can bring disgrace, trouble with legacies, and dishonor.

High Priestess - quiet contemplation brings psychic insight.
Hermit - spend quiet time alone for introspection.

Angel Message: God works in mysterious ways to perform his miracles. Praise the Lord, His mercy endures forever!

Ascended Masters
Kali - release old worn out ideas in order for new things to come into your life.
Sige - Spend quiet time alone to reflect and connect with your inner wisdom.

Angel Message:
Relax and be calm and become aware of the light (love) inside your soul.

Zen Master Teaching:
Recognize what is in front of you in order to know what is hidden from you.

Lesson for Today
Don't take anything, or anyone for granted. The magic word is 'Kindness'.

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