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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Evil Eye Protection

When people feel envious of you, it can place an evil eye on you, causing misfortune and bad luck. Safeguard yourself against this by wearing an evil eye. To protect your home and family hang a Hamsa (Hand of Fate) in your house with the following written on it (or near it): My eyes are forever fixed on my Higher Power~

Evil Eye bracelets are available from me at R175- 
Candle carved with special protection symbol and salt R250-

These items are blessed and consecrated through powerful intervention of Spirit Guides and Angels; and by the special powers given to me.

Burn a blue candle and focus on the 'Blue Ray Angel' while chanting psalm 15. This psalm helps end resentment of wicked, evil, jealous people. Ask the Angels to help you maintain your sanity and to protect you from all evil. You can also throw salt in your shoes and around you in a clockwise direction for added protection.

Work with the Angels in everything you do !

May the Eternal Force of love and protection be with you today and always!

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