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Sunday, 1 July 2018

July 2018: Headless Dragon & Eagle in Storm

Good day my Loves,

White Rabbit!  Saying white rabbit on the first day of the month brings luck!

The Tarot cards that rule until the 19th of July are: 'The Lovers'; '2 of Cups'; '2 of Pentacles'; '6 of Swords'; 'Page of Swords', 'The Falling Tower'; 'The Devil' and 'The Moon'.

This symbolizes the explosive energy of the 'Headless Dragon' and the 'Eagle in the Storm'. Don't loose your head. Think before you act in anger. Emotions run high and need to be balanced through yoga, meditation and prayer. Focus on finding a balance in relationships, finances, emotions and health.  The images of Angels, Dragons and Fish bring luck. Listen to the soothing sound of a waterfall.

This is a time of power struggles, when people can screw each other over for gain. There may be fighting and injuries, especially to the eyes, ears and private parts.

The North East and the Eyes are ruled by this combination. So are parade and sports grounds, ears and private parts.

This is a time for research and hidden secrets will be revealed. Past actions, rebellions, explosions and earthquakes on the material plane are manifestations of universal anger and high energy.

The 'god of storms' rules now. This may manifest as stormy weather, tears and the raging storms within us.  Exercise to manage anger and sexual frustration. 

Listening and Learning will be beneficial now.

Burn candles and incense on a daily basis.  This will aid in the return to light, which will be after the 19th of July.

Don't repeat gossip and avoid quarrelsome situations.

Yesterday I predicted that France would win the soccer against Argentina. Because the Scorpion presently lies in the night sky, I reckon Spain may win tonight. The 1st of July is strongly influenced by balance, and therefore it may be a tie.

'Namaste' and 'May the Force be with You'.

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