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Friday, 13 July 2018

June New Moon of Returning to a Safe Place

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Today I will discuss the current new moon and how its position affects us.  The New Moon lies near the fixed star Pollux. As illustrated in the picture above, this is about a boy shooting his arrows that keeps returning. He is doing this from the safety of his mother's home. It is about returning home safely after travelling. Symbolically it also shows that time is not linear, and that what we see or experience can be as a result of future actions, as well as past actions. When I look at someone who experiences misfortune for no reason, I ask myself, "What will this person do in the future, that he is already paying for?" You may ask yourself,  "what should I do next?" The answer is 'just be'. We achieve this through awareness. Take note of what you see and experience right now. Not in the past, not in the future. Just in the now. Then you will be in the know.

Returning to a place of safety. Good again, rich again, happy again. Returning to the light after spending time in darkness.

The Returning Arrow 

This New Moon is good for gains, favors, contracts, safe travel and love. This is a time to be creative and inventive, and to know that all things are possible through our faith in a Higher Power. The present energy is good for money, changing, medical treatment, mother and child reunion.  Refresh, revitalize, replenish, release, relief, renew, restore, return and reunion.

Magical things to do today:
Burn a White candle and worship at home today. Read Psalm 35. Fasting on a new moon opens the door to new possibilities. A positive time for gardening and herbal magic.

Do spells for the following:
*manifest fast cash
*empower yourself
*reconnect with your mother and the holy mother
*create a safe-haven to return to

This Moon is ruled by the Goddess Aditi. She is the mother of eternal life and psychic speech. She gave birth to the planets and the Stars.  Also ruled by Tyr, the God of Power.

The ruling planet is Jupiter, the planet that blows everything out of proportion.  Jupiter, is also the guru and philosopher that is trying to teach us something. We keep returning to a place in our life that we still need to learn from. Jupiter is presently in sidereal Libra. The main thing we need to learn at present is to find a balance. When we allow negative emotions to govern our lives we are in a place of dis-ease and the only one we hurt is ourselves. Jupiter is also the planet of luck and expansion. He is benevolent and bestows blessings, gifts, favors, prosperity, abundance and good fortune.

Occult and theosophical interest.  A very auspicious time for psychic readings.

Negatively, the position of the moon can indicate injuries to the eyes, head, danger of theft and violent death.  Stomach ailments and pain in the shoulder or neck. Violence in places of worship.

4 of Cups Hanson Roberts Tarot Deck

The June new moon is represented by the '4 of Cups' in the Tarot Cards. 

Key emotions under this moon, could be feeling dissatisfied, disappointed, disillusioned and disenchanted. Once a month the Moon goes into hiding to decompress, and shake off the emotions she's picked up in her travels around the Zodiac. This is a good time to recharge your batteries and re-attune with the rhythms and cycles of nature. Just give yourself some moon (reflection) time and you will soon return to your happy place.

The Sun moves through Celestial Mansion of Castor and Pollux from 6 to 19 July. When the Moon kisses the Sun in this Mansion we experience a New Moon here. A new moon always brings new possibilities.


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